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<img src='//' class="snap_nopreview shot2" alt="" />It's way early to handicap anything along the scale of winners and losers, but many things are

Gillmor Gang 7.09.11 (TCTV)

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Why Tech Warriors Give Up: A Closer Look At Built To Flip (TCTV)

<img src="" />There's a growing debate in Silicon Valley as to whether the rise in angel investors coupled with robust deal activity (from

Associated Press wants to charge $12.50 to quote five words, then turns around and quotes Arrington

Far be it for the simple gadget bloggers here at to comment on legal issues concerning fair use and quoting other news sources, but if you’ve been following the Associated Press brouh

Arrington reviews the Flip Mino

Seeing as how our review unit of the Mino is ‘lost in the mail’, I thought I’d share with you what our boss thinks of the Mino. Michael doesn’t actually have one himself, but I

You don't know what you're talking about, Scoble

I try not to step on anyone’s toes in the gadget blogosphere, but I cannot sit idle after reading Scoble’s “Dear Jeff Bezos” post and the big boss man’s video review. I a

Facebook Has Best iPhone Enabled Site Yet

Over on (CrunchGear’s mothership), Michael Arrington is calling Facebook “the single best iPhone-customized website to date…” “The site uses javascript to

New York TechCrunch Meet-up: Guys and Dolls

Blake and I got to bask in the beatific glory of Mr. Web 2.0 himself, Michael Arrington. He got a bobble head doll from and we started taking orders from it until we found out it was drunk