Why Tech Warriors Give Up: A Closer Look At Built To Flip (TCTV)

There’s a growing debate in Silicon Valley as to whether the rise in angel investors coupled with robust deal activity (from the likes of Google, Facebook, Zynga, etc.) is fostering an unhealthy environment for the industry.

It’s not that founders aren’t making money (indeed many are cashing out early) the real issue, as posited by our editor, Michael Arrington, is if this new dynamic is stifling the next Zuckerberg or Brin—- the entrepreneur that doesn’t just want to sell to Google, but wants to be Google. On Thursday, we explored this issue further, inviting David Hornik and Howard Hartenbaum of August Capital to sit down with Arrington on TechCrunch TV, to discuss the state of investing and why once-bold tech warriors seem to be giving up. See full video above (click on this link to jump to their discussion on angel investing).

The group also discussed the rise of Skype (Hartenbaum was an early investor), whether Foursquare has the legs to beat Facebook, where they are looking to invest today (Hornik is betting on Enterprise 2.0) and the best investments they passed on.