• Keep Track Of All The Apps Launching At SXSW At AppShowcase

    South by Southwest is not only a launching platform for new startups, but has also become a destination for existing companies to show off new features and technologies. For example, we know Foursquare has some surprises for us in the next week or so, and I’m sure there will be a host of other companies launching SXSW dedicated apps or features as the conference approaches.… Read More

  • Appbistro Announces White-label App Store Platform

    App marketplace for Facebook pages, Appbistro has expanded its scope today and launched Like a non-enterprise Appia, Appstores will offer publishers the ability to create their own app stores like a (hypothetical) or Says Appbistro founder Ryan Merket, “Every single company we talked to wanted their own app… Read More

  • AppBistro Wants To Give Every Service With An API Its Own App Store

    These days, it seems that every startup worth its salt (or at least, a lot of them) are offering some sort of API — an interface that allows third-party developers to interact with the startup’s data. The benefits to offering an API are clear: a developer community can build cool stuff on top of your service faster than your company can, and you can hopefully build a greater… Read More

  • TextualAds Brings SMS Marketing To Facebook Fans

    Brands and businesses are increasingly setting up Facebook Fan pages, which acts as their social homepage on Facebook where they can interact with customers and hopefully find new ones. These Fan pages can be customized with all sorts of tabs and apps. A new app launching today called TextualAds, in the same space as Textopoly, lets marketers ask for their fans’ phone numbers and send… Read More

  • Appbistro Wants To Help You Remodel Your Facebook Place Page

    One month ago, Facebook unveiled Facebook Places, its long-awaited location feature that lets friends check-in to real-world venues. Unfortunately, Facebook’s main website still hasn’t quite caught up to the new feature — for example, there’s still no way to get an at-a-glance view of where your friends are.┬áPlaces also has a few shortcomings that normal users might… Read More

  • TC Disrupt Finalist Appbistro Raises $550K For Its Facebook App Marketplace

    AppBistro, a marketplace for Facebook tabs that businesses, bands, and brands can use to add functionality to their Facebook pages, has just scored some angel funding. The company has raised a $550,000 convertible note led by Sand Hill Angels, with participation from Alfred Lin (TellMe, Zappos, Sequoia) Dave McClure’s 500 Startups, i/o Ventures, Zelkova Ventures, Seraph Group, Erik… Read More

  • Appbistro Lands Wildfire For Its Facebook App Market

    Last month at TechCrunch Disrupt, we saw the launch of Appbistro, a marketplace for Facebook tab applications that help companies and brands flesh out their Facebook Pages. Developers like it because it gives them an easy way to charge for their applications using Appbistro’s payments system (previously there wasn’t an easy way to charge for Facebook apps). And today, Appbistro… Read More

  • Appbistro Is Building An Application Marketplace For Facebook Pages

    Appbistro launched at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference what can best be referred to as an application marketplace for Facebook Pages. Using the Web-based service, Facebook Page administrators, be it global brands or small local businesses, can quickly discover relevant applications that they can (and should) swiftly integrate into their Facebook presence(s). Read More