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Apex Legends hacker says game developers patched exploit used on streamers

Last month, a hacker wreaked havoc during an esports tournament of the popular shooter game Apex Legends, hacking two well-known streamers mid-game to make it look like they were using cheats. A month

Apex Legends hacker said he hacked tournament games ‘for fun’

On Sunday, the world of video games was shaken by a hacking and cheating scandal. During a competitive esports tournament of Apex Legends, a free-to-play shooter video game played by hundreds of thous

Esports league postponed after players hacked midgame

On Sunday, two competitive esports players appeared to get hacked during a live-streamed game, prompting the organizers to postpone the tournament. Players were competing in the Apex Legends Global Se

Apex Legends is heading to the Nintendo Switch, with PS4/Xbox/PC crossplay coming this fall

Respawn just dropped a big ol’ bundle of news about its popular free-to-play Battle Royale shooter, Apex Legends, during a livestream event hosted by its parent company, EA. The key bits: Apex i

Epic Games CEO says Apex Legends hasn’t made a dent in Fortnite

In the wake of Apex Legends, which has briskly grown to 50 million players, many have wondered whether Fortnite has felt the impact. But Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney told GamesBeat that Apex hasn’