Andy Burnham

PR pitch to Ola reveals the inner workings of UK ride-hailing politics

A UK PR firm pitching to run an account for Ola has proposed running a campaign to politicize ride-hailing as a tactic to shift regulations in its favor. The approach suggests that, despite the appear

More calls for privacy safeguards in UK surveillance legislation

The official opposition Labour party in the UK has again called on the government to make changes to draft surveillance legislation to improve privacy safeguards.

Draft U.K. surveillance powers bill takes more flak at second reading

Proposed new UK surveillance powers are getting a second reading in parliament today, as the government seeks to update and extend the law in this area before the end of the year.

UK surveillance powers bill needs “substantial changes,” warns opposition Labour party

The UK government is continuing to try to push much criticized surveillance powers legislation through parliament, with the bill in question -- the Investigatory Powers bill -- getting its second read