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Upstash’s serverless data platform hits ARR of $1M just two years after seed funding

Upstash announced a $1.9 million seed round almost exactly two years ago, and an idea for building a serverless data platform for data-intensive applications built with Redis and Kafka. That doesn’t

Quora raised $75M from a16z to grow Poe, its AI chat bot platform

Quora is back at it, raising funding for the first time in nearly seven years. The questions and answers website nabbed $75 million from Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), which will be used to power the gro

a16z will give literally any politician money if they help deregulate tech

Venture capital giant Andreessen Horowitz has announced its intent to begin lobbying the U.S. government, and their plan is as tone-deaf and obtuse as this summer’s dreadful “Techno-Optimi

a16z-backed Apex Space opens new factory to ramp satellite bus production

When Apex Space emerged from stealth last October, the company had a provocative goal: remove the “new bottleneck” hitting the space industry by manufacturing satellite buses at scale. To get ther

Distributional wants to develop software to reduce AI risk

Companies are increasingly curious about AI and the ways in which it can be used to (potentially) boost productivity. But they’re also wary of the risks. In a recent Workday survey, enterprises

Mistral AI, a Paris-based OpenAI rival, closed its $415 million funding round

French startup Mistral AI has officially closed its much anticipated Series A funding round. The company has raised €385 million, or $415 million at today’s exchange rate — according to Bloomber

EarnBetter applies generative AI to writing resumes and cover letters

Will AI make resumes and cover letters even less useful than they were before? Quite possibly. Case in point, EarnBetter, a startup founded by former Credit Karma employees, is developing a platform t

Israeli biotech startup launches AI-fueled programmable drug therapy

Israeli biotech startup has been planning to launch its programmable drug treatment solution for months, and decided to forge ahead in spite of the attacks that happened this past weekend in

a16z-backed Castelion wants to mass-produce defense hardware, starting with hypersonics

One builds weapons in the hope that they are not used. Thus goes the central premise of deterrence theory, which says it is the credible threat of aggression — not the use of aggression — that wil

EV boat startup Arc wades into watersports with $70M in fresh funding

Arc is making a splash with investors as it wraps up deliveries of its limited edition $300,000 electric boat and eyes its next target: watersports. And, specifically the kind that require a wake. The

Former a16z execs launch Bastion

Bastion launched a suite of products so companies can integrate web3 infrastructure into their existing enterprise technologies. 

a16z’s Arianna Simpson believes crypto will be just fine, thank you for asking

If the crypto investment craze of 2021 could be defined with one investor name, that would be Andreessen Horowitz — or a16z for short. The well-known VC firm has raised over $7.6 billion for its cr

Lightup wants to shine a light on data quality with $9M Series A

We all know how important data quality is. That’s where the timeless phrase “Garbage in, garbage out” came from. As the pace of data creation accelerates, and it gets used in a variety o

Fund of funds are starting to play a different role for venture LPs

Fund of funds are designed to give funds access. Newer FoF strategies can help LPs get access to emerging managers.

No SSN, no problem, says Maza, a fintech startup aimed at undocumented immigrants

There are many fintech companies offering digital banking services to a variety of demographics, but one segment of the population has been underserved more than others: the undocumented immigrant.

Andreessen Horowitz, Shield Capital back satellite bus manufacturing startup Apex Space

Satellite bus manufacturing startup Apex Space has closed a $16 million Series A round co-led by Andreessen Horowitz and new investor Shield Capital as it prepares for its first demonstration mission

Andreessen Horowitz creates ‘Perennial’ evergreen fund amid market slowdown

Andreessen Horowitz, the storied venture firm known for being an early investor in some of the biggest tech companies (including Airbnb, Coinbase and GitHub), has created a new fund to continue growin

Fidelity has cut Reddit valuation by 41% since 2021 investment

Fidelity, the lead investor in Reddit’s most recent funding round in 2021, has slashed the estimated worth of its equity stake in the popular social media platform by 41% since the investment. F

3 Views on a16z’s latest reported early-stage effort

This is not the first time that we’ve seen funds try to go earlier in the investing world. Will the a16z effort pay off? Will it be ultimately good for founders? 

Hippocratic is building a large language model for healthcare

AI, specifically generative AI, has the potential to transform healthcare. At least, that’s the sales pitch from Hippocratic AI, which emerged from stealth today with a whopping $50 million in s
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