Alarm Clocks

  • Earphones + Alarm Clock = EARINALM

    What do you get when you combine earphones with an alarm clock? You get the EARINALM [JP], an invention from Tokyo-based crap gadget maker Thanko. The idea here is to let the alarm wake you up when you fall asleep in the train listening to music, with your earphones on. Read More

  • The Twist Alarm Clock forces you to activate your brain in the morning

    Japan and its alarm clocks. Most of these devices force you to wake up through an extra-annoying noise (or by moving away from you), but this new one, the so-called Twist Alarm Clock [JP], makes you solve (simple) math problems. Read More

  • DDR-style alarm clock forces you to finger-dance first thing in the morning

    If you enjoy being frustrated and agitated first thing in the morning, then you’ll appreciate this DDR-style alarm clock that forces you to finger-dance various combinations on the built-in four-way pad in order to get the alarm to stop making noise. Read More

  • Vibrating pillow alarm clock buzzes you awake but doesn’t wake bedmate(s)

    I’m on a new kick: silent wake-ups. The vibration setting on the SleepTracker watch I reviewed has turned out to be a far less agitating way to start the day than waking up to a blaring alarm clock. Read More

  • VORP! TICK TOCK! Alarm clock slowly hovers upward

    I keep my alarm clock just outside my bedroom, which allows me to wake up early with the miniscule side-effect of being almost totally overwhelmed by agitation and puffy-eyed rage for the first two hours of each day. At least I don’t hit snooze, though. Though I’d likely find a way to rip this vertically-ascending orange ball of an alarm clock from the ceiling, it might be a… Read More

  • Moshi voice-controlled clock: good idea, could be better

    I know there have been things like this before, but this one actually looks like a really well-designed little device. The Moshi IVR alarm clock (caution, autoplaying music) is a good-looking little… you know, alarm clock, that has the benefit of voice controls that let you do everything from set the alarm to play a “sleep sound” — whatever that is. That’s a… Read More

  • Review: Logitech Pure-Fi Anytime for iPhone/iPod

    Quick Version: The $99.99 Pure-Fi Anytime is a good choice as an alarm clock and single-room speaker system. If you’ve got your life on your iPhone, you’ll appreciate this gadget as it pulls double duty as a bedside phone charger and music player. Read More

  • Sony iPod/iPhone dock, alarm clock, and CD player

    It still strikes me as a little bit odd whenever I see an iPod accessory from Sony but, hey, might as well make a little dough, huh? And this accessory looks pretty nice. It’s an iPod/iPhone dock with alarm clock, CD player, remote control, and line-in. It also apparently has a dual alarm function that allows you to set an alarm on the apparatus itself and use your iPod/iPhone alarm… Read More

  • Alarm clock responds to your hungover outbursts

    Picture this; after a long night out full of white wine spritzers and Apple Pucker, the last thing you want to do is lift up your arm to hit the snooze button. It’d be much easier to yell “STOP!” while face-down in a puddle of your own drool, am I right? Luckily, this “voice interactive” alarm clock from Hammacher Schlemmer oughta do the trick. It responds to 10… Read More

  • Rotating alarm clock with iPod Touch dock for $80

    Well, will you look at this — a nice-looking iPhone/iPod Touch dock plus alarm clock with an equally nice-looking price. The iH41B from iHome will be available in July but can be pre-ordered now if you’d like to avoid the rush. It’ll work with most dock-able iPods (and presumably, the iPhone) but is “specifically designed to take advantage of the iPod Touch’s… Read More

  • Alarm clock with color-coded weather forecasts perfect for people who leave the house once in a while

    Looking to impress your dinner guests but can’t afford a Chumby? Why not show them you sorta mean business with this colorful weather forecasting alarm clock? If the display is red or orange, better pack your speedo because it’s gonna be a bright, sunshiney day. Pink or turquoise and you’ve got some clouds in your future. Purple or green means rain or snow, respectively. It… Read More

  • Mr. Clock Radio: Why not wake up next to an absolute creep?

    Aside from looking creepy as all hell, this Mr. Clock Radio serves an important purpose: it’ll simultaneously wake you up and send you into cardiac arrest. It could be least friendly looking clock radio ever devised. Even though Clocky was a loud lumbering jerk, at least it didn’t look like the bad guy from “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.” OK, enough bashing—what… Read More

  • Ring: The Alarm Clock You Wear

    Another day, another made up Yanko Design product. This time, we inspect a new design concept for an alarm clock called Ring. Ring consists of two elastic, vibrating rings that charge on an alarm clock dock. You set the time you want to wake up to each ring and then let them charge. Once charged, throw one on before you pass out and you’ll be awoken in a whole new way. Each ring… Read More

  • The Carpet Alarm Clock: Go Ahead, Step On It

    For those dreaded weekday mornings is this mat alarm clock. It employs a similar tactic as Clocky: in order to shut it off, you need to get out of bed. Once you step on it, the alarm shuts off and you’re ready to seize the day. It seems easy enough to produce, so hopefully it’ll actually will. Stand Up To Wake Up, Simple As That [Yanko Design] Read More

  • Gnarly Alarm Clock Has Light Instead of Buzzer to Wake You Up

    It’s no Clocky, but this alarm clock innovates in a way that’s charming in and of itself. Rather than just having an annoying buzzer, not unlike the sound of creeping death to wake you up, it has a big, red, flashing light. Put it close enough to you and the pulsing redness is supposed to do enough to wake you, and only you, up. And yes, it also has an annoying buzzer. I like… Read More

  • Prime Time: Transformers Movie Merch Preview

    We’re still a couple of months out from the premiere of what will perhaps be the most gadgetastic movie of all time: Transformers. And while we’re covering the events up till it hits the screens, it’s the movie-themed marketing gear that’s intersting to CrunchGear readers. Like this Optimus Prime Head Projection Alarm Clock. It’s Op’s head with a… Read More

  • Shooting the Messenger (If the Message is "Wake Up, Jerk"); or, the Glock Clock

    We’ve seen more than our share of interesting alarm clocks on the pages of CrunchGear over the months, and there are in fact many that we don’t cover. There are just too damned many. But sometimes we come across clocks with totally unique ways to make us wake up, and we take notice. And if they’re cool enough, we share them here with you. One such clock is the Gun-Operated… Read More

  • iSoundSpa iPod Dock: Wake Up to Sounds of the Ocean

    iSoundSpa represents the next evolution of iPod docks, that is, the unholy combination of an iPod dock and an alarm clock. Yes, it will charge your iPod while it’s plugged in. Yes, it has a built-in radio. No, it won’t dismantle the Taliban. It does, however, have six “soothing” nature songs that you can wake yourself up to, including “ocean” and… Read More