VORP! TICK TOCK! Alarm clock slowly hovers upward

p2236ex1 I keep my alarm clock just outside my bedroom, which allows me to wake up early with the miniscule side-effect of being almost totally overwhelmed by agitation and puffy-eyed rage for the first two hours of each day. At least I don’t hit snooze, though.

Though I’d likely find a way to rip this vertically-ascending orange ball of an alarm clock from the ceiling, it might be a happy middle ground for those who have trouble over-snoozing but don’t want to resort to the morning rage method.

For each subsequent snooze, the Hanging Alarm Clock will climb 30cm up its string until finally you’re forced to stand up to turn it off. The alarm sound is “a loud ticking noise accompanied by a wailing siren and flashing white light.”

It’s available on Firebox.com’s UK site for £19.95, but is either out of stock or entirely unavailable on the US site for $29.95. That might be a good thing.