Vibrating pillow alarm clock buzzes you awake but doesn’t wake bedmate(s)

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I’m on a new kick: silent wake-ups. The vibration setting on the SleepTracker watch I reviewed has turned out to be a far less agitating way to start the day than waking up to a blaring alarm clock.

Even our own Greg Kumparak has developed a method called iPhone-in-the-pants wherein he sets his iPhone alarm to vibrate and sleeps with it in his jammie pockets. Dangerous? Maybe. Weird that he still wears jammie pants? Definitely.

Perhaps splitting the difference between alarm clocks and vibrating pants is the vibrating alarm clock pillow, available in Japan. Designed to prevent waking up your partner, the Vessel Bururu runs about $50 and gently rattles your head until you wake up. There’s a built-in clock/panel on the side of the pillow, allowing you to set everything and the whole shebang’s powered by six AA batteries. Hopefully the pillow itself is comfortable.

[via SlashGear]