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Critical 2024 AI policy blueprint: Unlocking potential and safeguarding against workplace risks

Richard Marcus Contributor Richard Marcus is the head of information security at AuditBoard. Many have described 2023 as the year of AI, and the term made several “word of the year” lists.

Company executives can ensure generative AI is ethical with these steps

Making good choices now will allow leaders to future-proof their business and reap the benefits of AI while boosting the bottom line.

Against pseudanthropy

We must take steps to keep artificial intelligence systems from behaving as if they are living, thinking peers to humans.

Advancing generative AI exploration safely and securely

Guardrails for testing and learning are essential to accelerating exploration while minimizing security risks.

Answering AI’s biggest questions requires an interdisciplinary approach

Ethical AI requires a deep understanding of what there is, what we want, what we think we know, and how intelligence unfolds.

Major AI players are getting in sync, but it’s what comes next that really matters

There has never before been a technology that has so quickly rallied the private sector to proactively seek government oversight.