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Dropbox and Box were never competitors

As Dropbox had its IPO moment this morning, more than 10 years after launching, we can finally put one myth to rest. Dropbox and Box were never targeting the same customers. As Anshu Sharma, founder a

Box launches new consulting unit to help customers struggling with digital transformation

Box announced a new consulting organization today called Box Transform. It is designed to help companies understand that transformation requires a new way of working and thinking as an organization, b

Box’s dalliance with AI foretells a broader shift in content management

As Box CEO Aaron Levie pointed out at his BoxWorks keynote this week, content management has been an evolving field since it came into being as an enterprise software concept in the 1990s. Back in tho

Box Graph unleashes relationships between content and users

Box has vast amounts of content in its stores, and as it begins to apply artificial intelligence and machine learning to make it easier to surface, it also wants to expose each piece of content and ho

Box Skills applies AI and machine learning to growing multimedia content

Box CEO Aaron Levie has always had a vision for the company that extended well beyond its earliest use case as way to transfer files between machines online. His company has continually kept looking t

Box shares down 4% despite what Levie calls “one of our strongest quarters”

Cloud storage company Box reported second quarter earnings after the bell on Wednesday. And although the company beat expectations on revenue and losses, it wasn’t enough to please Wall Street.

AI will fundamentally change how we manage content

Content management is about to undergo a foundational shift as AI and machine learning bring long-sought order to enterprise content. As the volume of content has increased, the ability to manage it a

Box introduces Box Elements, pre-packaged content services for developers

Box introduced a new type of developer tool today called Box Elements, pre-packaged application pieces designed to deliver Box functionality with a few lines of code. Eventually there will be three ty

Box announces former Apple, Cisco exec Stephanie Carullo will succeed Dan Levin as COO

Box dropped a bit of a bombshell this afternoon when it announced that long-time Chief Operating Officer Dan Levin would be stepping down from the role and Stephanie Carullo would be taking over.

Box’s cloud content management vision showing results

For years, Box has been seen by many in the press, analyst and investor communities as a storage product and nothing more, which given its roots, was an understandable misperception. But CEO Aaron Lev

Box looks to woo Wall Street with its positive cash flow story

Like Box's last quarterly check-in, the company once again touted that it had free cash flow in the first quarter this year as part of its Q1 earnings report today — a signal that Wall Street may be

Box’s Levie touts positive cash flow

Cloud content management company Box posted fourth-quarter earnings after the bell on Wednesday with shares quickly plummeting in initial after-hours trading. They mostly recovered, trading down jus

Box unveils an overhauled Box Notes productivity platform

Box Notes, a productivity tool at Box, is announcing updated functionality and a new design. The platform, which Box says is used by nearly 40% Fortune 500 companies, will now let users view and

Box shows strong sales growth in third quarter earnings

Cloud storage company Box reported third-quarter earnings after the bell on Wednesday, beating Wall Street expectations with a record $102.8 million in revenue, a 31 percent increase year-over-year an

Levie on what Trump could mean for tech

Like many leaders in Silicon Valley, Box CEO Aaron Levie was a vocal supporter of Secretary Clinton. But after the shocking U.S. election outcome, the industry has been reflecting about what the next

After more than a decade, the fire still burns for Box CEO Aaron Levie

Box CEO Aaron Levie has been at it for more than a decade. For a guy barely past 30, that means it’s all he’s done professionally for his entire adult life. You could forgive him if he wer

It’s a long, hard road from idea to IPO

It may not seem it, but coming up with an idea for your startup is probably the easiest part of launching your own company. As one industry insider told me, there are a million ways to screw up that i

Box introduces “New Box” at BoxWorks

Box has always been known as the irritant in the content management industry, that plucky cloud upstart ready to take on the staid and conservative on-prem competition, but after more than a decade in

Box teams up with Google for Docs and Springboard integration

Sure there’s some kind of fruit-related event going on right now, but this week is also BoxWorks, the annual conference for the enterprise content cloud platform provider. At that event, Box CEO

Box beats earnings expectations

Box reported its second quarter fiscal 2017 earnings after the bell on Wednesday. The company beat estimates, posting an adjusted loss of 14 cents, compared to the 19 cents expected by analysts. They
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