Why Did $AAPL Stock Go Down After Beating Earnings Estimates And $AMZN Stock Go Up After Missing?

The moves in different directions for Amazon and Apple have been about expectations and guidance. Wall Street has higher expectations for Apple and ‘different’ expectations for Amazon. Wall Street

Apple’s Tim Cook Sees “Huge Opportunity” For iPad In Mac Cannibalization

Apple CEO Tim Cook responded to questions about the issue of potential cannibalization of Mac sales by iPad devices on today's earnings call, a question made more timely by the fact that Mac sales wer

Tim Cook On iPhone Market Share And Apple’s ‘Track Record’ Of Devices At Different Price Points

Today during <a target="_blank" href="http://events.apple.com.edgesuite.net/13pijnewvpihjbhvb01/event/index.html">Apple's Q1 2013 conference call</a>, CEO Tim Cook was asked about whether Apple was co

Tim Cook On Growth Of Apple Maps: “Usage Is Higher Prior To iOS 6 Release”, Promises “Continued Improvements”

One of the most embarrassing happenings in recent Apple history was the launch of its own Maps offering with iOS 6. People were getting lost and wondering why Apple decided to cut Google out of the OS

Apple’s Tim Cook Says iPhone And iPad Supply Component Order Cut Rumors Don’t Tell The Whole Story

Apple CEO Tim Cook took time on the company's earnings call today to comment on a specific rumor, which is an extreme oddity for Apple's top-tier executives. He prefaced it by saying he doesn't want t

Apple Retail Stores Averaged $1.25M In Revenue Per Week For Q1 2013

As we learn more about Apple’s Q1 in 2013, we’ve found out some interesting facts about Apple’s retail stores. The company says that it has opened 401 stores total, with four new one

Apple Now Has $137.1 Billion In Cash, More Than HP’s Annual Revenue And Vietnam’s GDP

Let's put Apple's amazing cash on hand numbers into perspective <a href="https://techcrunch.com/2012/10/25/apple-now-has-121-3-billion-in-cash-more-than-amazons-market-cap-or-a-space-station/">once ag

Apple’s Record First Quarter Of 2013, In Charts

There are plenty of nifty tidbits to sort through in Apple's most recent<a href="https://techcrunch.com/2013/01/23/apple-q1-2013-earnings/"> earnings release</a>, so here's a little aid if you're more

Apple’s Mac Problem

News came today that Apple's Mac sales are down 21% year-over-year and 16% for the quarter. While 4.1 million Macs sold in Q1 2013 is nothing to sneeze at, it's still nearly a quarter year-over-year l

Apple Shares Fall 10% In After-Hours Trading, Biggest Drop In 1578 Days

Apple just announced its Q1 2013 earnings, and investors don’t seem to be convinced. The company missed on revenue and exceeded expectations on earnings per share. After a solid day of trading f

Apple’s Q1 ’13 International Sales Now 61% Of Revenues, With China Up By 67% To $6.8B, Europe Up 11% To $12.5B

Apple today posted Q1 earnings that indicated that -- despite wider problems in the European economy, and price and device competition from Android everywhere, it continues to make advances in interna

Apple’s Q1 2013 Breaks iPhone And iPad Sales Records With 47.8M, 22.9M Units Sold Respectively

Apple just released its earnings report for Q1 2013, ending in December of last year, with a solid hardware quarter overall. The iPhone dominated with 47.8 million units sold in the quarter, up quarte

Apple Sells 4.1M Macs In Q1 2013, Down 21% Year Over Year And 16% From Previous Quarter

Apple's Mac sales for its first fiscal quarter of 2013 were not very impressive, despite high holiday appetite among consumers and new models. The company moved 4.1 million Macs in total, including no

Apple’s Mixed Q1 2013: Revenue Up 17.7% to $54.5B, $13.1B In Profit, Earnings Of $13.81/Share

Here we go: Apple has just released its fiscal Q1 2013 financials, and they're a sight to behold. Apple reported <strong>$54.5 billion in revenue</strong> (up 17.7% from the year-ago quarter), <strong

Apple Retail Stores Do $6.44B Worth Of Sales In Q1 2013, Up From $6.12B Last Holiday Quarter

Apple does well during the holidays, that’s something that’s become extremely obvious. The company has just announced that it did $6.4B in retail store sales, which is up from $6.12B in th