CrunchDeals: MSI X320 for $380

<img src="">If you're keen on the whole low voltage ultraportable idea (bigger screens, slightly faster processors than standard netbooks)

MSI launches 21.5-inch Wind Top AE2220: 1080p and multi-touch starting at $750

<img src="">Ooh la la, this looks to be an interesting machine right here. Starting at $750, MSI’s latest “W

MSI readying 12-inch MSI Wind U230 with AMD Neo CPU, Windows 7

<img src="" alt="u230" />It looks like MSI is getting set to launch a 12-inch Windows 7 netbook from its U200 series. You'll recall that th

Review: MSI X-Slim X600

The MSI X-Slim X600 tries so hard – so very hard – to be a full-size, Windows MacBook Air. It has the looks, it has the specs, hell, it even has the same shape. But one huge flaw keeps wil

MSI Wind U110 ECO promises 15+ hour battery

<img src="">Okay, here’s the MSI Wind U110 ECO. It’s a netbook, through and through, with the added twist of a nine-cell battery good

MSI’s 12-inch Wind U210 gets official pricing and availability

MSI’s gone the AMD Neo route with the Wind U210, available now for $429 at Amazon and Newegg. The U210’s got a 12.1-inch screen with a 1366×768 resolution, 1.6GHz CPU, 2GB of RAM, 250GB hard

First impressions of the MSi X-Slim X600

Hey, hey. Look what the Fedex man dropped off! Why it’s the sexy MSi X-Slim X600. His big, white truck is like Santa’s sleigh to me. Anyway, I just unboxed the svelte notebook, shot some p

Headline: Asustek thinking about maybe making an ebook reader

Asustek president Jerry Shen said that he’s thinking about making an ereader. MSI is also thinking about it. In related news, I’m also thinking about making an ereader as is my Uncle Jerzy

MSI's Wind Top AE: sexy, compact, touchscreen and affordable all-in-one?

I have to say, this is a — excuse me — a damn fine looking all-in-one PC. Why, if it weren’t for the somewhat out-of-place strip of leather, I might just nab one of these Wind Top AE

AMD-based MSI Wind coming soon, touchscreen tablet next year

<img src="" alt="U210" />MSI's got a 12-inch Wind netbook rolling out to the US in the next few weeks. The U210 will feature an AMD CPU, though

MSI X600 15.6-inch ultra-low voltage notebook now available for $800

<img src="" alt="MSI" />MSI's big-but-light X600 is now available for $800 from <a href="

Video: MSI buttocks commercial

I didn’t want to post this. I really didn’t. It’s a viral video for MSI . It involves men in singlets throwing laptops at one man’s buttocks. It’s everywhere. It’s

CrunchGear's Ultimate Guide to Netbooks

Ah, the netbook. Back in 1999 or so I remember one of my co-workers spent over $3,000 for a mini Sony Vaio PCG-C1, the kind with the tiny keyboard and woefully underpowered processor. Fast forward a d

MSI X340 ultraportable now available in the US for $799

<img src="" alt="x340" />Looks like MSI is the first out of the gate to ship an ultraportable with Intel's new CULV chipset here

MSI Wind U123 now available, features six- or nine-cell battery

<img src="" alt="wind" />Hey, if you guys are thinking of starting your own netbook line -- and why not, everyone else is doing it --

MSI shows off 12-inch U200, drops Atom in favor of ULV Celeron

<img src="" alt="U200" />Along with the soon-to-be-released X-Slim series of ultra low voltage notebooks, MSI has unveiled t

MSI X340 ultraportable reviewed

<img src="" alt="x340" />Laptop Magazine (still available in print form!) got their hands on the super slim MacBook Air-like X340 from

MSI jumps into the headphone game with the SyrenPhones

<img src="" />MSI has been expanding their territory aggressively over the last couple years. Originally they were mostl

MSI announces strategic partnership, donates one PC

<img src="" />MSI, <a href="">no strang

MSI intros the touchscreen Wind Top all-in-one US models

<img src="">We spied the hot <a href="">MSI Wi
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