Delphi partners with BlackBerry QNX on its autonomous driving platform

Delphi is planning to launch its own autonomous driving solution for car manufacturers and mobility service fleet operators in 2019, and it announced today that it will use BlackBerry QNX as the opera

With the KEYone, BlackBerry threads the needle on retro smartphone appeal

But it’s weird not because it wasn’t designed in-house, and instead was handled by partner TCL; it’s weird because it’s strangely successful at pulling off an odd balancing act

The KeyOne is the phone BlackBerry should have made 10 years ago

The KeyOne is a device from an alternative timeline where BlackBerry didn’t completely whiff and miss the touchscreen revolution. In that parallel universe, Biff Tannen wasn’t elected president an

BlackBerry’s stock had a great day after the company won a big dispute with Qualcomm

Earlier today, BlackBerry’s stock hit its highest point more than a year, and all it took was a lousy $814.9 million arbitration win. It’s a healthy bounce back for the embattled company, which ha

Ford taps BlackBerry talent to double its in-house mobile engineering team

Ford has made 400 new engineering hires, the company announced, and will create a new Research and Engineering Centre in Ottawa (yes, it’s a ‘centre’ because it’s Canadian). Th

Nokia and BlackBerry are betting on smartphone nostalgia

Ten years ago, Nokia and BlackBerry were flying high. Both were among the most trusted and purchased names in mobile, only to have those numbers drop off a cliff, when a single handset came along and

BlackBerry tries again

Remember when Research in Motion’s BlackBerry smartphones set the bar? My first smartphone was a BlackBerry 7130e. I loved the phone. And then my son gave it a bath in a ginger ale. The 7130e ha

The BlackBerry Mercury is now the KeyOne

If you thought the BlackBerry Mercury had a bit of a codename vibe to it, you weren’t wrong. Today at Mobile World Congress, TCL officially took the wraps of its first true BlackBerry handset, now g

Watch BlackBerry unveil a brand new phone live right here

TCL, the company that now makes BlackBerry phones, is holding a press conference at MWC in Barcelona. The conference starts at 7 PM CET (6 PM GMT, 1 PM EST, 10 AM PST). We already got a sneak peek at

BlackBerry files suit against Nokia in a battle of once mighty smartphone brands

BlackBerry suing Nokia is 2017 is a bit like the secret Rocky/Apollo Creed fight in Rocky III revealed in 2015’s Creed – two once mighty champions doing battle one more time, with a heck of l

BlackBerry signs licensing agreement with India’s Optiemus

This is the new BlackBerry – software licensing powerhouse. With its latest signing, the once dominant smartphone maker now blankets the globe with its manufacturing deals, a completion of its prol

The BlackBerry Mercury is TCL’s entry into enterprise

There’s some inherent irony in the Mercury. The first BlackBerry device produced solely under the TCL umbrella is far more instantly recognizable as a BlackBerry device than any of the OEM DTEK prod

TCL will be launching new Blackberry handsets soon

TCL isn’t wasting any time getting into the BlackBerry business. A week ago today, the Acatel manufacturer announced that it was officially becoming the major global partner for BlackBerry (excludin

Revenues are down, but BlackBerry’s earnings still give investors hope as the company pivots

It took BlackBerry a long time to get to this point, and it may take them a while to get out. But while the Canadian corporation’s most recent earnings still have plenty of bleak spots, there’s en

TCL signs an exclusive deal to build BlackBerry-branded phones

BlackBerry announced the major global partner in its shift toward a solely software and service company today, and no surprise, it’s TCL. The Chinese hardware maker behind the Alcatel brand has alre

BlackBerry among 3 organizations set to test self-driving cars on Ontario roads

Canadian self-driving vehicle tests are about to kick off on Ontario public roads, with three groups approved to take part in a pilot licensing program that allows autonomous testing with a safety dri

BlackBerry teaming up with Ford for broader use of QNX in connected cars

BlackBerry’s QNX division is one of the Canadian company’s rare bright spots: The software maker’s operating system is a key ingredient in the infotainment offerings of a large numbe

BlackBerry’s 5.5-inch DTEK60 is the company’s nicest smartphone to date, but is it enough?

You can’t keep a good BlackBerry down. BlackBerry is dead, long live BlackBerry. Or, at the very least, you shouldn’t count your BlackBerrys before they’ve hatched. Because this certainly isn’

BlackBerry’s device head outlines the company’s post-hardware future

In May, Ralph Pini was given the somewhat unenviable task of heading up BlackBerry’s device team. The announcement of his promotion to that role came roughly a month after the one-time smartphone le

Blackberry bows out of making its own hardware

Former smartphone giant Blackberry has said it will no longer manufacture its own devices. Instead it intends to outsource hardware making to development partners, although the core focus of its busin
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