Treo 755p not being discontinued by Sprint

Brighthand has word that Sprint will not discontinue the Treo 755p. The Treo 755p continues to be a strong product offering in Sprint’s lineup of Palm products which also includes the Centro and

Sprint takes the Treo 755p out behind the wood shed

If our very own Matt “The Stapler” Hickey got you all hot and bothered about buying a Treo 755p thanks to his review yesterday, don’t bother. Not for Sprint, at least — it&#821

Review: Palm Treo 755p

The Treo Verizon is the latest CDMA carrier to land the Palm Treo 755p, a high-end smartphone for the business user who’s tired of Windows Mobile but still wants all the connectivity and email o

Verizon Wireless serves up blitz of smartphones

Heads up! It’s smartphone day at Verizon Wireless, where the carrier has today launched not one, not two, but four new smartphones today.

Goodness Gracious, Another Palm Treo 755p Review: CNET Calls it "Very Good"

The Palm Treo 755p “drops” this week and CNET already reviewed the damn thing (a nice complement to this video review), giving it the reviewer’s crutch of “very good,” wh

Treo 755p Officialized

http://vid.adbrite.com/video/abplayer.swf It’s official, Palm freaks, the Treo 755p has landed. A quick rundown on the specs are as follows: 320 x 320 display, 321MHz XScale processor, miniSD memory

Meet the Treo 755p

The 755p is the model number for a forthcoming Treo smartphone, and it’s bound for Sprint. The 755p is styled after the Treos 750w and 680, meaning a smaller form factor and sans antenna. The ne