Review: Palm Treo 755p

The Treo

Verizon is the latest CDMA carrier to land the Palm Treo 755p, a high-end smartphone for the business user who’s tired of Windows Mobile but still wants all the connectivity and email options a smartphone provides.

While pricey, it’s a pretty impressive device worth considering.

The Good Stuff

The 755p is a full-sized, full feature smartphone that really does it all. While it might be considered large or heavy by some users’ standards, it’s actually a pocketable device.

The 320×320 touchscreen is bright and clear and has a bezel around it angled just right for the included stylus, which rests flush with the back of the device.

It also features a full QWERTY keyboard with perfect sized keys. This reviewer has fat fingers, but I never get a typo. You won’t be writing a novel with it, but it’s great for emails or text messaging.

There are quite a few built-in applications, and the Palm implementation of Google Maps is perfect. The application works well with a stylus, and many of the desktop features are included. The 1.3-Megapixel camera is adequate, and it has that nifty self portrait mirror so, so popular with slutty teens on MySpace.

We were glad to see Palm maintained the ringer mute switch at the top of the device, one of our favorites.

The full version of DataViz’s Documents to Go is included for reading, editing, and writing any MS Office docs.

There’s a button on the side that can be customized to open any application, though it defaults to activating the camera.

Running on Verizon’s 3G BroadbandAccess network, the data comes at you fast. Emails are almost instant and getting around Google Maps is as fast as on a desktop. It’s wonderful.


CIMG3738 1

Not so good

The Centro line from Palm includes a very handy instant messaging program that works with all three major networks. The Treo does not have this application included.

The phone is a heavyweight. At 5.6 ounces it’s not a RAZR, but then it does quite a bit more.

One of these days all phone manufacturers will realize that a camera without a flash is kind of silly. Here’s hoping Palm is one of them.

The Treo accepts MiniSD cards, even though its cousin, the 680, which is the same size, enjoys cheaper, full-sized SD cards. That is sad.


The Treo is Palm’s business smartphone, and in that regard, it’s really great. If you’re a power user and like everything right in front of you in an easy to use package, this is your smartphone. If you’re a consumer, look to the Treos, iPhones, and Oceans of the world.