Goodness Gracious, Another Palm Treo 755p Review: CNET Calls it "Very Good"


The Palm Treo 755p “drops” this week and CNET already reviewed the damn thing (a nice complement to this video review), giving it the reviewer’s crutch of “very good,” which translates to a 7.3. Truth be told, nothing really stands out about the Sprint smartphone, which is set to replace the now ancient 700p, nor is it a “major overhaul” of the previous model. CNET further calls Palm out, saying it’s “lagging in innovation.” Strong words from the house that Minor and Bonnie built. CNET does find some nice things to write about the 755p, however.

For MBA types, the 755p now plays nice with Microsoft Exchange servers. The new instant messaging app works—simultaneously even—with the three wise men of the IM world, AIM, Yahoo! and MSN. Palm also throws in Google Maps in case you need block-by-block directions to the local comedy club or wherever your inner most desires take you.

Overall, the 755p looks to be a more than adequate upgrade over the 700p. It ain’t revolutionary, but then again it probably wasn’t intended to be.

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