Verizon Wireless serves up blitz of smartphones

Heads up! It’s smartphone day at Verizon Wireless, where the carrier has today launched not one, not two, but four new smartphones today.

Welcome the Samsung i760, with T9 on the front and a slide-out QWERTY keypad underneath, EV-DO and Windows Media 6.

And the Treo 755p from Palm, with a 320×320 touchscreen, updated form factor, and Palm OS Garnet. The full-sized SD card slot supports SDHC, meaning you can store up to 8GB of data in your phone.

And the xv6800 from HTC, an implementation of the popular Mogul, with Windows Media 6 Pro, a 320×240 touchscreen, and a really nice QWERTY keypad. The integrated Wi-Fi will make this a popular utilitarian handset.

And the SMT5800, based on the HTC Libra, is rather a mixture of the others. It features a fold-out QWERTY keyboard as well as T9 on the front, and Widnows Mobile 6 Standard.

We don’t have much in the way of pricing on all the units, and they’re not live on Verizon’s website yet, but we’ll keep you fans posted.

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