Sprint takes the Treo 755p out behind the wood shed

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If our very own Matt “The Stapler” Hickey got you all hot and bothered about buying a Treo 755p thanks to his review yesterday, don’t bother. Not for Sprint, at least — it’s still available through Verizon, though.

Ed “The Windmill” Hardy over at Brighthand noticed that Sprint had removed the Treo 755p from its site, leading him to posit the following…

“[T]here really isn’t a place for it in Palm’s current product lineup. The 755p is something of a ‘switch hitter,’ a device that tries to appeal to both consumers and business users. Palm is no longer attempting to do this, as it now offers the Centro for those who want a consumer-oriented smartphone, and business users can get a Windows Mobile-based Treo, like the 700wx.”

So now you have to decide whether you’re a business user or a fun-loving youngster, which doesn’t bode well for Palm’s rather large midlife crisis-aged demographic.

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