• New Pocket Projectors From 3M Pump Up The Lumens

    New Pocket Projectors From 3M Pump Up The Lumens

    CES is just the event for little items like these: gadgets, pure and simple. Pico-projectors (or mini, micro, pocket, or what have you projectors) are among the few gadgets I really enjoy seeing incremental improvements in, and look forward to CES every year for those improvements. This year hasn’t disappointed: we saw Optoma’s new gear last night, Microvision has a new one… Read More

  • Pixel Qi Closes Out Series B Round With Investment From 3M

    Pixel Qi Closes Out Series B Round With Investment From 3M

    Founder and CEO Mary Lou Jepson has always had high hopes for Pixel Qi’s low-power, super-reflective LCDs. While the displays popped up in niche tablets like the Notion Ink Adam, they have yet to reach the sort of mass-market penetration Jepson has always wanted. Jepson’s wishes may soon come true, if today’s announcement is any indication: industrial giant 3M is investing… Read More

  • Viewsonic Releases Rebranded 3M Camcorder-Projector, 3D Camcorder

    Just what do these guys think they’re trying to pull? I recognized that doodad the second I saw the picture of it. After all, I reviewed it three weeks ago. So, it looks like Viewsonic has put out the same thing and called it the DVP5. I’m going to guess it performs at about the same level. So we’ll move on. Read More

  • Review: 3M Shoot 'N Share Camcorder-Projector

    Short version: A fun device but rather critically flawed: wherever you can shoot video, you can’t show it, and vice versa. It’s a hell of a lot to pay for a pocket cam, too. Read More

  • 3M Releases New Pico Projectors And Camcorder-Projector

    The successor to the 3M MPro150 and MPro120 pico projectors has been released by 3M, and it’s looking chunky. The MP180 improves on the brightness of is predecessors, upping the lumens to 30. That’s not enough for watching a movie in full daylight, but it does mean you don’t have to dim the lights quite so far. The trade-off appears to be in size. The MP180 appears to be… Read More

  • 3M Captures Attenti For $230 Million

    Tel Aviv-based Attenti announced today its acquisition by 3M, most notably the makers of Post-Its, to the tune of $230 million in cash. Formerly Dmatek, Attenti is the world’s leading supplier of remote people-tracking technologies such as ankle bracelets, voice recognition devices and alcohol monitoring technologies. The purchase, which will benefit 3M by providing the company with GPS… Read More

  • 3M's MPro150 pico-projector is now shipping from Amazon

    Pico-projectors are just so cute and cuddly. Amazon just so happens to be shipping the pico-sized MPro150 now for only $380. What do you get for that price, you ask? Great question, friend! Read More

  • MPJ-101 = Mini projector plus portable media player

    Japanese gadget company Lancerlink today unveiled the MPJ-101 [JP], a mini projector that doubles as a portable media player. People living outside Nippon can order the device here for around $1,000. Read More

  • 3M's micro-projector is tiny, awesome

    Peter has checked 3M’s MPro110 projectorette out and he says it’s pretty great. It displays up to 1280×768 (via VGA or RCA cable) at a size up to 50″, but with such a small light source that’s probably pushing it. The LED bit is said to last 10,000 hours, which isn’t saying much (that’s just how long LEDs last) but at least you know you won’t… Read More