3M's MPro150 pico-projector is now shipping from Amazon

Pico-projectors are just so cute and cuddly. Amazon just so happens to be shipping the pico-sized MPro150 now for only $380. What do you get for that price, you ask? Great question, friend!

This is 3M’s third pico-projector so it’s a bit more polished than the early models, including the 120 model Devin reviewed last year. This model is a bit brighter at 15 lumens and has two tiny speakers built-in. The unit even supports basic file systems, allowing users to manage and display certain file types without the need of a dedicated computer. A 2GB SD card is included to¬†supplement¬†the 1GB internal memory. Of course external sources can be plugged into the device as well. [Amazon via PicoProjector-info]