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Sam Altman’s big European tour

Fresh from telling US lawmakers he’s a fan of regulation and laws are needed to mitigate the risks around artificial intelligence — and, indeed, calling for an international regulatory bod

Anne Boden, founder of UK’s Starling Bank, steps down as CEO

Anne Boden nearly lost a grip on Starling Bank years ago when the neobank was in the middle of a coup effort led by its CTO, but now it looks like Boden is doing the walking away. The outspoken founde

Meet the tiny, wireless sleep apnea diagnostic wearable headed for the US

U.K. medtech startup Acurable has gained FDA clearance for a novel wireless diagnostic device for remote detection of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). A formal launch into the U.S. market is slated to f

UK’s Moonfire VC raises its second fund at $115M to aim at early-stage startups

It was back in the pandemic era of 2021 that we reported on the launch of Moonfire, at the time a $60 million “Fund I” seed-stage “data-driven” VC geared around the new world of remote working

OpenFin’s attack on the ‘toggle tax’ in financial apps secures it a $35M Series D round

Not unlike a post-internet-era Bloomberg Terminal, OpenFin was a startup that joined the revolutionary world of user interfaces to fast-moving information back in 2010. If you cast your mind back, tho

Anthemis targets $200M for new fund after layoffs and canceled SPAC

Anthemis Group is trying to raise $200 million for a third fund, according to an SEC filing, as first reported by Axios. It has been in the market since last year and has so far secured commitments of

UK court tosses class-action style health data misuse claim against Google DeepMind

Google has prevailed against another U.K. class-action style privacy lawsuit after a London court dismissed a lawsuit filed last year against the tech giant and its AI division, DeepMind, which had so

UK’s Space Forge debuts new reentry tech for in-space manufacturing satellites

Welsh in-space manufacturing startup Space Forge has developed a satellite reentry system to enable rapid recovery and reuse of its in-space manufacturing spacecraft. The new system, which includes a

MediShout wants to bring Amazon-like efficiency to hospital operations

The U.K.’s floundering National Health Service (NHS) is not in the best of shapes by just about any estimation, the victim of chronic underfunding and understaffing that has led to excruciatingl

We’re disrupting TechCrunch Disrupt: 8 stages, 3 days, 1 city

For founders and investors, there’s no platform like TechCrunch Disrupt. Just as the industry is always evolving and innovating — especially in recent months — we’re doing the same to keep Dis

UK greenlights $7.3B merger between satellite rivals Viasat and Inmarsat

The U.K.’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has officially greenlighted the proposed $7.3 billion merger between Viasat and Inmarsat. London-based Inmarsat and its U.S. rival Viasat offer var

After bootstrapping for five years, Instruqt raises a €15M Series A from Blossom Capital

Netherlands-based Instruqt has a product allowing companies to more easily test how new software would run inside their organization. After bootstrapping its way to growth, it has now raised €15 mil

UK’s antitrust watchdog announces initial review of generative AI

Well that was fast. The U.K.’s competition watchdog has announced an initial review of “AI foundational models”, such as the large language models (LLMs) which underpin OpenAI’

Adobe’s $20B Figma acquisition falls on UK antitrust radar

The U.K.’s competition authority is adding Adobe’s proposed $20 billion bid for digital design rival Figma to its ever-growing to-do list. The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) confi

M3ter locks in $14M to expand its usage-based pricing tools for SaaS businesses

The concept of SaaS as a business model changed the game in tech by moving users away from buying software outright and toward paying for service availability based on time-based subscriptions, typica

Fintech-focused VC firm Anthemis Group lays off 28% of staff as part of restructuring

Anthemis Group has completed restructuring that resulted in its letting go of 16 employees, or about 28% of its employees, earlier this year, the fintech-focused venture firm has confirmed to TechCrun

Bonus BeReal comes to UK, lets users post more than once a day

BeReal is piloting its new Bonus BeReal feature in the U.K. Expected to roll out soon in other countries, this allows users to post more than once per day — you get two Bonus BeReal posts if you

How Swytch used ‘crowdshopping’ to scale without VC money

Swytch offers regular bike riders a way to turn their existing bike into something with a little more oomph.

Google offers billing choice for UK Play Store devs in bid to settle antitrust probe

Google has proposed letting developers offering apps through its U.K. Play mobile app store to have the option to use alternative payment processors for in-app transactions, rather than being locked t

Einride brings its electric trucks to UK freight sector in partnership with PepsiCo

Electric and autonomous trucking company Einride is expanding to the U.K., representing the latest in a line of European market expansions. Einride said that it’s looking to target the 1.6 billi
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