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  • Everything you need to know about Windows Mobile 7

    MWC is a few weeks away – it starts on February 15 – and we’re expecting to see a new version of Windows Mobile, version 7, to be launched with hardware soon to follow. We’ve heard some rumors about potential improvements over the current 6.x codebase, but a developer has told us that this new version is so distant from the old WinMo that it is almost unrecognizable. Read More

  • The ITG xpPhone gets officially priced

    Its only been around 8 months since the xpPhone — a phone which, as the name implies, runs Windows XP — made its online debut, but its already caused quite the rift between the mega-geeks. One camp seems to think its the coolest thing since air-conditioned underpants; the other seems to think it’s a big pile of nonsense. Throughout all of this dweeby disputing, one important… Read More

  • Nokia to hold a press event this Thursday

    Surprise! There I was, staring at my inbox, wondering when the invites to Apple’s may-or-may-not-be-happening tablet event would go out, when.. BAM! An invite appeared – but not from Apple. Read More

  • Pluses Pre and Pixi priced

    If you’re in the market for a WebOS Plus device then they’ll cost you $150 for the Pre and $100 for the Pixi whenever Verizon launches them. Read More

  • Point, Shoot, Reserve: OCLC brings library information to RedLaser

    The Online Computer Library Center is one of those quiet organizations making a huge difference in the world. They don’t attract a lot of attention to themselves, normally, and much of what they do is plumbing that helps other organizations. They’ve recently partnered with Occipital, creators of the iPhone barcode scanning app RedLaser, to bring access to their enormous database… Read More

  • Resistive screens are dead: HTC now selling a stylus for capacitive screens

    When it comes to touchscreens, you just can’t beat the feeling of a nice, high-quality capacitive screen. If you’ve been using an iPhone, Motorola Droid, or any one of many capacitive smartphones made in the past few years, try to hunt down one with a resistive screen; the difference is almost shocking. Touches to a capacitive touchscreen are registered with the lightest tap… Read More

  • 3G GSM crypto hacked

    Bloops. Researchers have figured out how to crack 128-but UMTS 3G technology, thereby putting almost all modern phones in danger. The paper, found here basically describes a 2-hour process and is more a proof-of-concept than anything else. However, it could be used to listen to conversations after the fact. Read More

  • Sprint Samsung Moment updated for anyone willing to leave their house

    Remember the good ol’ days of being a cell phone owner? Back when you could probably name every color your screen could display, 2G data connections were mind blowing, and gettin’ your firmware flashed meant taking a trip to the good ol’ neighborhood carrier outlet? Yeah – we’re back to that. Read More

  • Patent Reveals Possible Groundbreaking Multi-Touch Features for Apple's iSlate

    Now that everyone knows the iSlate is real, the question is: what the hell is this thing going to be like? How will it work? What will wow us about the iSlate that we never really expected? A tipster just dug up some great details about a new multi-touch gestures that may help answer these questions [CrunchGear summarized many other cool gestures here]. Obviously, we don’t know if Apple… Read More

  • World Record texting speed broken – but can you really call this texting?

    Look, I don’t want to sound like a baby or anything, so a huge congrats to Pedro Matias of Portugal for breakin’ the texting speed World Record. Congrats out to our pair of ladies from the US for their performance as well – walking home with 2nd place $20,000 heavier is nothing to laugh at. What is laughable, however, is the way the contest was set up. Read More

  • Verizon breaks out lower-priced unlimited voice plans, keeps smartphone plans the same

    Good ol’ VZW just released details about its new unlimited plans and AT&T should probably take notes. The voice-only plan dropped from $99 to only $69 and the voice/text plans is now only $89 instead of $119. The same plans are available on a pre-paid basis for only $5 more per month. The new, lower-priced plans are available today, and just like all of Verizon’s services… Read More

  • Google begs forgiveness, lowers Nexus One upgrade price by $100

    We can all agree it’s a nice phone, but customer service problems and reception issues have made the Nexus One’s launch a little rocky. It seems that people don’t feel they’re getting their $379 worth, and Google, apparently sympathizes. They’ve lowered the upgrade price (non-unlocked, non-new-contract) by a hundred bucks and will be sending out $100 rebate forms… Read More

  • Rhapsody for Android Beta goes live

    If you’re an Android handset owner who happens to double as a Rhapsody customer, you might have spent the last few months feeling like you’ve been left out in the cold; more specifically, you might be a bit chuffed that the iPhone has a Rhapsody application while Android phones don’t. We’d heard tales that Rhapsody was all set to launch for Android by the end of 2009… Read More

  • Nexus One Car Dock and Desktop Dock coming soon, says Google

    Uh oh, Motorola Droid – you better look out! The Nexus One is going to cut you — Wait, no, that’s not right. The Nexus One is going to snag one of your flagship features. I always get those two mixed up. Read More

  • Need to boost your iPhones volume? Grab a cup.

    There are hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of D.I.Y articles on the internet, some more useful than others. I read maybe a dozen or so a day, solely for the sake of expanding my knowledge bank of obscure solutions. Every once in a while, one sprouts up that is just so damned simple, so face-palmingly obvious, that it makes me feel downright stupid for not thinking of it. This is one of those. Read More

  • Mythical beast spotted: Samsung to launch 32GB microSD cards next month

    So there you are, on your way home after purchasing the brand new smart phone you’ve been wanting for weeks. You’re reading the specs on the side; “Supports microSD cards up to 32 Gigabytes”, it boasts. “32 Gigabytes? That’s like a million!” you think to yourself as you pull up your handset’s browser. You hop on the Googlenets with your heart set… Read More

  • Nokia N900 gets another software update

    Are you rocking a Nokia N900 yet? If you hail from the US, probably not — they do sell’em here, but the carrier-folk (read: T-Mobile) have yet to put it on their shelves. If you plan on buying one in the near future, however, be happy: it just got a wee bit better. Read More

  • Most Motorola handsets will have multitouch from here on out

    Deploying multitouch on handsets in the US is.. well.. touchy. Patents and licensing issues scare a number of hardware manufacturers away from deploying it, even when the hardware itself supports it. Take the Motorola Droid for example; the European variant, the Milestone, packed multitouch support out of the box, whilst the US Droid was limited to one finger’s worth of input at a… Read More

  • Sprint lops another $10 bucks off their WiMax service

    Currently only supported in around 30 cities in the US, Sprint’s WiMax service (as powered by Clear) isn’t exactly widespread. It’s a great service (in theory) and likely to pick up some fans as it rolls out to another 50+ markets by the end of this year – but for the time being, it’s probably a pretty hard thing to sell. Looking to make it a little more… Read More

  • Is this the next Jawbone headset?

    If you’ll pardon my terrible photoshopping skills for a second (Hey! I was using a trackpad! Also, my hands were tied behind my back, my eyes were closed, and, uh, my house was on fire), you might be looking at a fairly close representation of Aliph’s next Jawbone headset. Read More