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  • T-mobile G2 will rock an 800MHz Scorpion CPU, Froyo, Flash 10.1

    T-mobile have now confirmed, via their Scoop page, that the upcoming T-mobile G2 will rock an 800MHz Scorpion processor (as part of the new MSM7x30 Snapdragon chipset), run the Android hotness that is Froyo (sans Sense, as previously thought), and will also be “ready” for flash 10.1. Read More

  • Ding! Windows Phone 7 Is Done, Released To Manufacturing

    According to a post at the Windows Phone 7 blog, Microsoft’s latest operating system is now fully cooked and ready to consume. They’ve shipped off the masters to manufacturers. The die is cast. And now they can start work on changing the die up all over again! I mean, chances are there was a feature freeze maybe six months back, and their efforts have been entirely directed at… Read More

  • T-Mobile G2 Pricing Revealed: $200 With Contract, $500 Without

    Not a lot to say here. The T-Mobile G2 (by HTC and Google… it’s a collaborative thing, you know), which we just saw official pictures of earlier this week, has had its price leaked: $199.99 with a new contract and $499.99 raw. What don’t we know about this handset at this point? Pretty much just the release date, and we’re pretty sure that’s at the end of September. Read More

  • Apple Releases iOS 4.1

    iOS 4.1, which has had a few beta releases over the last couple months, has been released. It’s nothing too major, but let’s go down the additions: Updated Game Center “HDR photos” HD video uploads over WiFi TV show rentals It should be rolling out next week. iOS 4.2, which will bring multitasking, folders, and other functionality to the iPad, will be here in November. Read More

  • Sure Enough, SkyFire Announces They've Submitted To The App Store

    Just last week, a couple of much-trusted birdies popped into the MobileCrunch office, claiming to have some details on SkyFire (a Flash-friendly mobile browser already available on a number of smartphone platforms) and its impending iPhone release. “They’ve entered the very final round of testing!” they said. “It’s going to get submitted to Apple early next… Read More

  • Droid Incredible Froyo update now rolling out to the masses. For real.

    Now I know that the Froyo update for the Incredible was released on the 27th of this month, but that was just one of those limited-release roll-outs used to weed out any major faux pas before making it available to the great unwashed. If you weren’t lucky enough to get that joyous notification this past week, well, hold onto your hats, coz word on the web/streets is that the Froyo update… Read More

  • T-mobile's "almost 4G" HSPA+ 3G now live in 9 more cities

    T-mobile continues to bring the latest update to their 3G network to more cities today, with the “4G-like” HSPA+ speeds now available in Boston, Mass; Erie, Penn; Fresno, Palm Springs and San Diego, Calif; Miami, Fla; Richmond, Va; Spokane, Wash; Topeka, Kan. This brings the total number of HSPA+ cities up to 55, with 100 million lucky Americans now basking in the warmth that… Read More

  • Verizon soon to offer Android, BlackBerry, and Palm on Pre-Paid

    Good news for any contract-a-phobic smartphone fans out there: several leaks today pointing to a high likelihood that Verizon will soon offer most of their Android line up (including the Droid series, as well as the yet-to-be released Samsung Fascinate), a healthy dash of BlackBerries, and both the Palm Pixie Plus and the Palm Pre Plus, on their Prepaid Monthly Talk and Monthly Talk &… Read More

  • The T-Mobile G2's Official Pictures Get Leaked

    The G2, sequel to the late, lamented G1, has been leaking all over the place. This latest, caught by CellPhone Signal, has what appear to be the official pictures for T-Mobile’s site, and though they don’t really reveal anything new, they’re clear and show the handset off well. And would you care for some specs with those leaked pics, madame? 3.7″ OLED… Read More

  • Facebook for webOS gets a lil' upgrade, gets some much needed features

    Slow and steady wins the race, right? Wrong. Not in the mobile world. In the mobile world, where next month’s software patch is all the rage before it’s even announced, slow and steady gets you tromped all over. Alas, until HP/Palm really get into their post-merger swing, slow and steady is all they’ve got. This morning, that slow and steady pace brings a minor update (1.3)… Read More

  • LG E900 gets caught on video, whispers of a 1.3Ghz CPU abound

    Don’t get your hopes up too high, Android fans. Contrary to what the watermarks over there might imply, that’s no Android phone. It’s the Windows Phone 7-powered LG E900 — the very same one that Microsoft self-“leaked” last week. This time, though, it’s actually a picture of reasonable quality — oh, and it comes with video and specs to boot. Read More

  • Sprint Epic 4G available today for $249 on a 2-year contract (or less, if you know where to look)

    Oh, you thought we were lying about the Samsung Epic 4G launching on August 31st? One of these days, friend, you’re going to realize we’d never lie to you. Because we love you. Read More

  • Samsung Wave S7320 caught in the wild, gets some hands-on time

    I’m still not entirely sold on Samsung’s Bada operating system — but if Bada gets your boat a’rockin, more power to you. Just yesterday, ol’ Sammy announced their third (or is that fourth? We’ve lost count.) Bada phone: the Wave S7320. Built for the lower-end, what it lacks in Super-AMOLED displays and insanely fast CPU clockspeeds it makes up for in its… Read More

  • UpNext On The iPad Introduces Fluid Labels For 3D Maps

    Navigating maps on computers and mobile devices can still be a clunky experience, especially when you try to search for places on a map. Typically, on Google Maps or Bing Maps, you get a bunch of virtual pushpins for each place which you can click on for more information. UpNext, a 3D mapping startup based in New York City, brings that information forward in amore fluid way in the latest… Read More

  • Samsung Epic 4G Gets Naked For FCC

    With the Samsung Epic 4G launching very soon, here’s an interesting alternative view of the device. If you dig around enough on the FCC website, you’ll be able to find nude pictures of almost every phone. Sometimes they are barely legal shots, like this Samsung Epic 4G. Read More

  • Mysterious Motorola Slider Makes Another, More In-Focus, Appearance

    An extremely blurry picture of a Droid-eyed slider made the rounds a month or so back — so blurry, in fact, that I’m pretty sure they added blur in Photoshop. Well, some in-focus shots of the device have surfaced, and while it doesn’t appear to have outward Droid branding, it does have the familiar eye. Not a lot of information is available, unfortunately. But I will say… Read More

  • Motorola: Droid X's HDMI Port Is Only Active In Gallery App

    The Droid X’s vaunted HDMI out seems to be of extremely limited utility at the moment, as a Motorola developer has said that it is only ever active within the Gallery application on the phone — essentially limiting it to media recorded on the phone, or media you’ve managed to slip in there. Wait, what about using a Netflix or YouTube app? And what if you want to watch a .MOV… Read More

  • Samsung Galaxy Hits 1 Million Sales

    Good news for Samsung; their new Galaxy phone has hit 1 million sold after just 45 days of being on the market. That’s a pretty impressive number for a phone that doesn’t come from Apple. Electronista reports that Samsung considers the phone to an instant success, and expects the Galaxy to continue to sell quickly. The 1 million number was a combined total between AT&T and… Read More

  • Clearwire launches 4G Pay As You Go Internet

    Clearwire launched their Rover – pay as you go internet service today, offering unlimited usage for $5 a day, $20 a week, or $50 for a month of 4G service. The Rover service is accessed via one of two ways, either from the Rover Solo; a single system dongle, or the Rover Puck which allows connectivity with up to eight devices at a time. The Rover Solo dongle sells for $99, and the Puck… Read More

  • RIM Avoids Indian Ban Hammer, Cooperates With Security Authorities Over BlackBerry E-Mail

    Looks like RIM has dodged a bullet in India, at least for the time being. The BlackBerry maker has provided the Indian government with “proposals for local security agencies to monitor BlackBerry service” so that, when necessary, the Indian government can tap into BlackBerry users’ email. And while that may not sound too positive a development, it was either that or risk… Read More