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  • AT&T To Launch New Text Plans Next Week?

    The gents over at GearLive just finagled this screenshot out of a Best Buy employee, purportedly detailing a new text messaging plan AT&T plans to launch next week. Read More

  • T-Mobile Launches Service To Block Texting While Driving

    I’m not usually one to preach, but texting while driving is really, really stupid. Yes, steering a 3,000+ pound metal missile while staring down at a tiny screen to blast out short, generally forgettable sentences is stupid. Anyone who says they’re “good at it” or that they “have a technique” just hasn’t screwed up yet. No one expects to get into… Read More

  • Starbucks Now Letting You Pay For Your Coffee Fix By Phone In 7,800+ Locations

    Back in 2009, Starbucks revealed the third step in their world domination process (after “Put a Starbucks on every other corner” and “Put a disguised Starbucks on remaining corners“): they would let people pay for their coffee with their phones. It started off quietly enough, with a pilot program in but a handful of cities. Then it spread to the Target locations. Then… Read More

  • Nobody Predicted The iPad's Growth. Nobody.

    Nobody Predicted The iPad's Growth. Nobody.

    Apple sold almost 15 million iPads last year.  It is outselling Macs in units, and closing in on revenues.  The 7.3 million iPads sold just in the December quarter represented a 75 percent increase from the September quarter, and the $4.6 billion in revenue represented a 65 percent sequential jump. (The iPad launched in April).  By any measure, this is an incredible ramp for an entirely… Read More

  • Asian Power: China Mobile, NTT Docomo And KT Form Business Alliance

    It can’t get bigger than this in Asia’s mobile industry, and in fact, it’s a business alliance with the potential to shake things up on a global level. Today, the world’s biggest mobile carrier China Mobile, Japan’s No. 1 player NTT Docomo and Korea’s leading telco KT have announced the establishment of a “broad-based business tie-up”. Read More

  • DriveSmart Android App Plays On Parental Fears Of Teens Texting While Driving

    You just shouldn’t text while you drive, even if you are a dextrous teen used to multitasking all day long. Yet people still do text (and Skype and email) while they drive, and not just teens (cough, Michael). There’s not too much you can do about it. But Location Labs is coming out with an Android app for T-Mobile called DriveSmart Plus which plays on the fear of parents… Read More

  • Apple Will Sell Their 100 Millionth iPhone This Year

    Being phone geeks, we at MobileCrunch HQ like to keep pretty close tabs on how many iPhones are floating around out there, if only because the idea of selling millions and millions of anything blows our collective mind. As of September of last year, the iPhone grand total was riiiight around 73.5 million. Apple has just announced the numbers for their 1st fiscal quarter of 2011 (which… Read More

  • Apple COO Tim Cook Dismisses Android Tablets As "Bizarre"

    Apple’s iPad is a hit. The company sold 7.3 million iPads in the December quarter of 2010, a 75 percent increase from the previous quarter. But judging from all the Android tablets announced at CES, it is about to face an onslaught of competition. So far, though, Apple COO Tim Cook has “no concerns” with the tablets that are out there today, and goes so far to call… Read More

  • Microsoft Ports One Of Windows Phone 7's Few Unique Features To The iPhone

    We’re all still holding a special little place in our hearts for Windows Phone 7 just in case Microsoft pulls off some mind-blowing voodoo with one of their updates — but in the mean time, it sort of goes without saying: Windows Phone 7 doesn’t have much in terms of features that other platforms don’t. One of the few things it does offer pretty much exclusively: its… Read More

  • Rumor: White iPhone 4 Finally Coming February 27th?

    Sound the alarm! The White iPhone 4 (which, according to legend, is woven from the finest unicorn hair and is visibile only during the new moon) might actually, seriously, for-real-real be coming soon. Read More

  • Buy a Verizon Phone Recently, But Want The iPhone? Verizon Has A (Not Very Good) Deal For You

    December. It’s a month of celebration, giving, and smart phone buying. Unfortunately, it’s also the month before January, which is when Verizon finally announced that they were getting the iPhone 4. So, what are all those would-be iPhone owners who unknowingly snatched up other handsets in December supposed to do — wait? Nonsense. Looking to ease the pain of that… Read More

  • Video: The PlayStation Phone Gets Felt Up In Broad Daylight

    So much for stealth, right? Sure, Sony Ericsson hasn’t officially announced the PlayStation Phone (or, as it’s otherwise known, the Xperia Play) — but when it’s leaked out enough that the dude shooting video of your handset is willing to do it outdoors, in broad daylight, as people walk by… well, it might as well be. Give it a good glance, folks — this is… Read More

  • New Samsung Galaxy Phone To Be Called The Galaxy Cooper In India

    Phone names, like band names, are getting weirder and weirder. To wit: the Galaxy Ace, an already goofy name, will be called the Galaxy Cooper in India, suggesting a PR campaign featuring some sort of intergalactic softshoe number. Some specs after the jump. Read More

  • Japan To Get Disney-Themed Android Phone

    Disney may have pulled the plug on their cell phone business in the US in 2007, but in Japan (where the company’s characters have a huge fan base), its MVNO is apparently doing pretty well. And now it comes to light [JP] that next month, Disney enthusiasts living in that country will be able to lay their hands on a special Android phone. Read More

  • HiJack Sucks Power And Data From Your iPhone's 3.5mm Audio Jack

    This is great. These engineers at the University of Michigan have put together a little device that can be powered and communicated to via the audio jack on your iPhone. This allows for low-power peripherals to be used with that port instead of Apple’s connector, saving money on both sides of the equation. No licensing, no proprietary hardware. The parts used cost a total of $2.34 in… Read More

  • The iOS App Store Is Just About To Pass 10 Billion Downloads

    Holy crap; remember when the App Store surpassing 1 billion downloads was a nearly mind-blowing feat? Less than 2 years later, Apple is just a few million copies of Angry Birds away from cracking past 10 billion. As with the 1 billion download landmark, Apple’s going to give away a $10,000 giftcard to whoever nabs that 10 billionth download. Sadly, you won’t be getting the iPod… Read More

  • And This Is The BlackBerry Storm 3 — Maybe

    The BlackBerry Storm might be the most tainted named in RIM’s lineup. A piss-poor launch followed by a slow update process did it in. But RIM is clearly unfazed. The BlackBerry Storm 2 came out this year and was a quality kit with solid software. If this massive leak concerning the BlackBerry Storm 3 turns out to be true, the Storm name might actually mean something —… Read More

  • Motorola Atrix Potentially Shipping March 1

    Rumor and innuendo are point to a March 1 ship date for the beloved Motorola Atrix. According to an AT&T inventory check, the phone and dock combo should appear at stores by the beginning of March and, although pricing has not been confirmed, expect to pay about $200 with contract. But one thing we didn’t get out of CES was a launch date. It’s possible we have that now, thanks… Read More

  • Good night, sweet Modu.

    We always sorta liked the idea behind Modu: buy one itty bitty, candy-bar-esque phone, and then plunk that phone into any one of a half-dozen or so cases (or, as they call them, “Modu jackets”) that convert the handset into just about any form factor imaginable. Unfortunately, it was the answer to a problem that nobody really had; most people tend to be comfortable enough with one… Read More

  • Is This The Galaxy S Mini?

    It was only a couple days ago that we saw pictures of an alleged Galaxy S2, and now we have a baby-sized one that’s supposed to be its little brother. Supposedly this guy has a 3.5″ 320×480 screen (probably Super AMOLED, to maintain the Galaxy style), runs Froyo 2.2, and has a 5MP camera on the back. Processor is listed as Qualcomm’s budget MSM7227. Model number is… Read More