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  • ‘Massive’ Windows Phone 7 Update Due In January

    Windows Phone 7 users should circle the entire month of January on their calendar. Word on the street is that an update, to be released that month, will be “MASSIVE.” Yes, we’re talking all caps massive. So massive that it warps space-time itself. So massive that not even liposuction can save it. So massive that it makes Barcelona’s destruction of Real Madrid yesterday… Read More

  • Winamp Wants To Be The iTunes Of Android; Now Out Of Beta With Wireless Sync

    Winamp Wants To Be The iTunes Of Android; Now Out Of Beta With Wireless Sync

    Today Winamp for Android is coming out of beta, a month after its initial launch and more than 500,000 downloads later. The public Android release lets you manage your music downloads on your Android and will offer a couple new features, including wireless syncing over WiFi with Winamp on your desktop computer and the addition of Shoutcast radio stations. (Both Winamp and Shoutcast are owned… Read More

  • Acer Liquid Metal may be coming to AT&T and/or T-mobile?

    If you cast your mind back to October, you may recall talk of Acer’s Liquid Metal handset hitting the FCC. Well, at a press conference in New York City last week, a senior Acer official mentioned that Acer are in the process of evaluating the device for possible release in the US. Read More

  • Gameloft give a buy-one-get-one-free offer to Epic 4G and Evo 4G owners

    If you own either a Sprint Epic 4G or Evo 4G, and love to game (not necessarily as much as this guy) then you should listen up, as Gameloft are now offering a buy-one-get-one-free deal for Sprint customers. Announced on their blog today, Gameloft are offering the deal throughout the holidays on all of their “HD” titles. Follow me through the jump to see a list of titles, as well… Read More

  • Acer working on a Windows Phone 7 handset

    In an interview with Mobilized today, Acer CEO Gianfranco Lanci mentioned that they are working to create a Windows Phone 7 powered handset. Gianfranco also talked about why they originally turned to Android (over Windows Mobile 6.5), and why Windows Phone 7 has them interested again. Jump on past the break for the quote, and an unrelated video. Read More

  • Android-powered LG Star pics and details leak

    Do you remember that 4″ beast from LG that we talked about the other week? Well, a member of the Android Forums managed to get his hands on one, and has done a little photo-shoot with it. He’s also unearthed a name and some specs. First up, the name: LG Star. No idea if that’ll make it to retail, but that’s what it’s called at the moment. Jump on past the break… Read More

  • HTC HD7 Seeing Death Grip Issues?

    It looks like the iPhone 4 isn’t the only phone to suffer from particularly troubling death grip problems. I mean, we all knew it wasn’t the only one, but it had it bad. And now it appears HTC’s HD7 is the same way. Of course, you’ll note that the handsets in these videos aren’t showing strong signal to begin with, and as studies have shown, the death grip causes… Read More

  • AT&T: The Motorola Olympus will launch in December or January. Whoops, we didn't mean to say that.

    Well, look at that! AT&T was nice enough to share on Facebook that their upcoming Tegra2-powered Android monster, the Motorola Olympus, would be launching in either December or January — an especially kind act, given that the Motorola Olympus totally hasn’t been announced yet. The response was pulled from the page almost immediately, presumably after someone got one helluva… Read More

  • HTC Merge Accessories Start Trickling Into Stores

    At this point, there’s not much we don’t know about Verizon’s upcoming Android piece, the HTC Merge. We know what it looks like from just about every angle, have seen it both rendered and real, and we’ve even got a pretty good idea of what the specs will be. If you want one, you probably know it by now — and you’re probably waiting on the edge of your… Read More

  • Android Honeycomb Gets Caught Tinkering With Performance Tests [Update: Aaaand it's fake.]

    Good news, everyone! Google’s going to keep working on Android after the upcoming Gingerbread (v2.3) release! Oh, we knew that? Oh, well they’re probably going to codename the next build Honeycomb! Oh, we knew that too? Here’s one you probably didn’t know: an early build (or two) of Honeycomb just got spotted in some logs whilst someone (presumably a Google engineer)… Read More

  • Sprint 4G Goes Live In SF Next Month, LA, Miami, D.C., Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Columbus Today

    Just last week, we were watching as Sprint rather suggestively compared the size of their “pipe” to the size of their competitors “pipe” as part of their prep work for 4G in LA. Today, all that pipe-laying comes to fruition; Sprint 4G has just launched in Los Angeles — and they went ahead and flipped things on in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus, Washington D.C… Read More