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  • Qualcomm And CAA Back Creative Mobile Labs To Make Entertainment Apps

    Hollywood looks at mobile apps like Angry Birds and Pull The Rope, and sees franchises built around characters and a new form of story telling. It is a little bit threatening, but it is also a little bit exciting. Telling stories is what Hollywood does best. Those writers and computer graphics artists down in LA could really show mobile app developers a thing or two if only they knew how… Read More

  • Tango Takes Face-To-Face Video Calling Beyond The iPhone With 8 Million Downloads

    One of the best built-in features of the iPhone 4 is FaceTime, the video calling feature that lets you see who you are talking to by using the cameras on both phones. But it only works over WiFi and if both callers own an iPhone 4. Perhaps those limitations are why an app called Tango is the seventh most popular social networking app right now (iTunes link). Tango lets you make video calls… Read More

  • Discovering The Distance-to-Discount Ratio

    When it comes to deals, the bigger the discount, the further people will travel. While this may sound obvious, mobile advertising company JiWire has some numbers to back it up. JiWire is releasing a new study today that evaluates consumers; behavior when it comes to location-based deals and discounts. In a survey of more than 3,000 respondents, JiWire’s results show that the greater… Read More

  • Windows Phone 7 SDK Downloaded Almost A Million Times, Now Includes Copy And Paste

    Microsoft just recently made available a new version of the Windows Phone 7 SDK, and boasts that the dev tools have been downloaded nearly a million times. That’s a lot! Have they even sold a million phones? At any rate, I’m guessing the latest of these thrill-seeking downloaders were attracted by some new features in the SDK, perhaps most prominently the ability to copy and… Read More

  • iOS 4.3 Launching For Everyone On February 14th?

    It’s pretty much a standard operation at this point: Apple releases one Beta version of iOS — then about two weeks later, they release another. Two weeks after that? Another beta. Right around this point — around the third or fourth Beta — the whispers surrounding a potential release date begin. Apple just shipped Beta 3 of iOS 4.3 a few days ago, and sure enough… Read More

  • How The iPad Time Shifts Online Reading

    How The iPad Time Shifts Online Reading

    One of the reasons bookmarking apps like Read It Later and Instapaper are becoming so popular is because we are inundated with news and interesting links all day long, but have no time to read them. But just as DVRs helps us shift our TV viewing to better fit our own schedules, these apps helps us time shift our online reading. And according to some data put out earlier this month by Read… Read More

  • Verizon Crows About iPhone 4 "Record Sales," Doesn't Name Numbers

    Verizon Wireless just published a press release claiming “record sales” on yesterday’s ViPhone pre-order day, CEO Dan Mead saying that things were “exciting” and that “In just our first two hours, we had already sold more phones than any first day launch in our history.” Well, duh! Sadly, Verizon didn’t offer any hard numbers on overall sales… Read More

  • Verizon iPhone 4 Pre-Orders Begin Shipping Already

    Did you order up a Verizon iPhone when the pre-order system went live this morning? Might want to check your inbox. In what is quite possibly the quickest turnover in the history of major launches, it looks like these things are already floating around on transport trucks around the country. Read More

  • Motorola Cancels Android 2.1 Updates For The CLIQ XT, Will Stay At Android 1.5

    Hey, T-Mobile CLIQ XT owners — you might want to take a seat. You know that Android 2.1 update you were promised a few months back? The one that got delayed a few times? Yeah, about that. It’s not going to happen. Read More

  • First Commercial And Mysterious Specs For Xperia Play Leak

    Just in time for the Super Bowl, the first commercial for the Xperia Play, AKA the Playstation Phone, has leaked (or was unleashed). No dates or pricing; it’s just a teaser. But since they’re starting the push, we can probably expect more specific announcements over the next few weeks, probably at MWC. If you want a more in-detail hands-on, don’t forget that there was a… Read More

  • Kevin Systrom on Instagram

    (Founder Stories) Instagram CEO: "The Best Products In The World Start Out As Features"

    If you care about startups or how hit products are made, watch the video above, which is Part II of Chris Dixon’s Founder Stories conversation with Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom. Instagram is of course the hot social photo app that just raised $7 million this week. Yesterday, in Part I, Systrom talked about why he decided to change the product entirely before it even launched and the… Read More