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Few Options For Veterans Looking To Enter Tech

When John Hampton was preparing to leave the Army, he was excited about a career in technology. But he was disappointed to learn that the G.I. Bill wouldn’t enable him to attend a code bootcamp —

TeVido BioDevices 3D-Prints Skin And Fat Grafts For Breast Cancer Survivors

Laura Bosworth spends most of her time talking about breasts — nipples, specifically. For the past three years as CEO of TeVido BioDevices, which works with human tissue and 3D printing to create sk

Mexico’s Resources Fuel The Texas Startup Economy

Everything is bigger in Texas, and thanks to Mexico, that may be also soon be true of the state's growing tech sector. Flush with cash, Texas' proximity to Mexico gives the state's tech companies dist

HackerCare Aims To “Hack” Healthcare For Startups

In four years David Varvel went from no health insurance, to full coverage via the Japanese government, to purchasing a high deductible plan, and then full coverage through an employer. He said having

Obamacare Removes Barriers For Women, Latino Entrepreneurs

Two months ago Luz Rivas walked away from her job to work full-time on her startup, <a target="_blank" href="">DIY Girls</a>. As the founder and executive director of the group tha

‘War Correspondents’ In Mexico Address Mainstream Media Shortcomings, Use Twitter To Spread Information

In Mexico’s drug-war-torn cities, a small number of Twitter users affected by narco violence are acting as war correspondents to the masses, providing a public-safety alert system of sorts, accordi

In Mexico, Tech Is Used To Help Combat Narco Violence, Insecurity

Google has been used for many ends, but in the hands of researcher Viridiana Rios, the search engine has become a tool to fight Mexican drug cartels and help the government organize to prevent violenc, A Crowdsourced Answer To Corruption In Mexico

Three years ago Mario Romero Zavala and José Antonio Bolio decided to create a Twitter account in Mexico City to alert people to cumbersome police checkpoints that too often resulted in various forms

Flash Sales Site Bêmbele Debuts In Colombia, Offers Designer Fashion And Luxury Accessories To Eager Market

Combine online flash sales with an emerging consumer market hungry for luxury clothing brands and you get what Bêmbele CEO Dean Schaffer hopes will be a recipe for success in Latin America. The site,

Out Of East LA, KokoChé Is A New Deals App For The Cash Economy

<a target="_blank" href="">KoKoChé</a> is a mobile deals startup born in East Los Angeles aiming to bridge the gap for communities ignored by big social deal sites, specificall

Why The Internet Hates My Name (It’s The Accent Marks)

The Internet doesn’t like me — or, at least, it doesn’t care much for my name. My first name consists of two words and I have accent marks in both my first and last names, which seems to complic

Obama Campaign Releases Mobile Voter Engagement App

Obama For America released the iPhone version of a <a target="_blank" href="">voter engagement app</a> today with the Android version set to be released soon. The app is

As Facebook Political Campaigning Heats Up, NGP VAN Launches New Social Organizing Tool

Democrat-oriented software developer <a target="_blank" href="">NGP VAN</a> (Voter Activation Network) is launching an updated tool today for the US 2012 election season, that us