Obama Campaign Releases Mobile Voter Engagement App

Obama For America released the iPhone version of a voter engagement app today with the Android version set to be released soon. The app is meant to bolster the campaign’s grassroots efforts, 100 days out from November’s presidential election.

The app synchronizes with Facebook, Twitter, email and SMS, as well as a web app, Dashboard, on the OFA website. The campaign is billing the smartphone app as a tactic that will allow organizers, volunteers and voters to better engage with the campaign.

The app also streams campaign news, provides volunteer opportunities, allows for easy social media sharing, provides information on voting locations and registration information. There’s a function for users to see the latest voter ID laws in their state and a place to report voting problems or abuse. Users can also donate to the campaign using the app.

It shares nuggets of campaign PR for users to utilize in campaigning on behalf of OFA stream via the app, such as how middle class tax relief affected Florida voters, for example.

This allows users of the app to essentially become their own campaign headquarters. They can download the names of voters in their neighborhood from campaign HQ via the app, then share this information using the app back to the campaign.

The Dashboard, a web app users can synch to their smartphone apps, allows users to Connect via Facebook and then engage in campaign actions, such as volunteering or hosting an event.

“We designed our new app to help break down the distinction between online and offline organizing, giving every supporter the same opportunities to get involved that they would find in a field office,” said Deputy Campaign Manager for Obama for America Stephanie Cutter in a statement.