Rip Empson

Rip Empson is a writer, explorer, eager learner and part-time rabble-rouser — whatever that means. He’s worked as a senior associate at Morgenthaler Ventures and Canvas Venture Fund, and before venture capitalizing, Rip spent nearly four years at TechCrunch, the leading technology publication and media dynamo, where he covered startups.

Within the Whacky World Of Startups, Rip focused most of his attention on chronicling the rise of technology and ambush of innovation on health and education.

But between you and me, I hear he’s especially passionate about any and all forms of disrupting — particularly those that are disrupting the disruptable disruptions — and anyone or anything that can quench his insatiable thirst for disrupt-a-lutions.

Rip has been quoted by various people at various times – some of them publications and probably super wicked famous people referencing his work – some of them people mistakenly re-tweeting him thinking he’s Rip Torn.

Is he a budding national treasure? You said it, not him.

As to what he’s doing right now? He’s either transferring his life savings from Scramble With Friends tokens to Bitcoin or vice versa. Hard to say, really.

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    Last October, Kleiner Perkins launched the sFund, a $250 million initiative designed to make strategic investments in entrepreneurs building social services and apps. The partners contributing to the fund include Facebook, Amazon, Zynga, Comcast, and more. The first startup to receive investment from the sFund was Cafebots, which received $5 million in series A from Kleiner shortly… Read More

  • Minno Rebrands As BuySimple, Partners With SoundCloud, Raises $700K For Micropayments

    Online payment methods are old and in the way. Sure, whether or not the world will have a generally-agreed-upon payment system is up for debate, but it seems that a new era of micropayments is here — hopefully to stay. With the political and regulatory inertia around bank and credit card-related payment tools, there is room for a third party without these hangups to bring a new… Read More

  • What Makes A Startup Successful? Blackbox Report Aims To Map The Startup Genome

    Generally speaking, the odds are stacked heavily against the average startup. The rate of failure among entrepreneurs and startups is startlingly high — it comes with the territory. Otherwise, entrepreneurs wouldn’t be pirates. But, what if there were a way to reduce that failure rate by cracking the formula of startup success? No easy feat to map the double helix of startups… Read More

  • Online Advertising Revenues Up 23 Percent Since Q1 2010, Reach $7.3 Billion

    Best. first. quarter. evar. Some good news in today from the online advertising industry: The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has announced that online advertising revenues hit $7.3 billion in the U.S. in the first quarter. While this does not represent the best quarterly performance in history (Q4 2010 takes the cake at $7.45 billion), it does mark the best first quarter on record… Read More

  • Raptr, The Social Gaming Network, Launches First Personalized News Feed For Gamers

    There are a lot of companies out there trying to leverage the social graph to make discovering new products, services, or tools — whatever the case may be — easier and more personalized. But, when it comes to games, few do it better than Raptr. For those unfamiliar with the company, Raptr is a social network that revolves around gaming, which allows users to keep tabs on what… Read More

  • With 3.5 Billion Page Views A Month, CloudFlare's Speed And Security Hit Your Apps

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  • Ron Conway: 'New York Tech Is Here To Stay'

    Today, at Disrupt NYC, CEO & Co-founder of Hunch Chris Dixon, Ron Conway of SV Angel, CEO of Betaworks John Borthwick, Managing Partner of High Line Ventures Shana Fisher , and former CEO of The Huffington Post Eric Hippeau took to the stage to discuss the current entrepreneurial landscape in New York and how it’s changed in recent years. Read More

  • Write, Photograph And Film Local News As It Breaks With Meporter

    Meporter is a location-based news app that enables you to write, photograph, and record video of your local news as it breaks, and then to share those stories with anyone who owns a mobile phone or has an Internet connection. Using the Meporter app on your iPhone or iPod Touch, you can take a picture, make, a video, or write your own story, and post it for the world to see — all in a… Read More

  • InvoiceASAP Allows You To Create And Send Invoices From Your Mobile Phone

    InvoiceASAP, which launched at TechCrunch Disrupt today, is a cloud-based invoice app that allows you to easily create and send professional invoices, estimates, sales orders and receipts. The app provides easy-to-use menus on your mobile phone, and swiftly guides the user through the setup and invoicing process, making your device a powerful tool for business management. InvoiceASAP is all… Read More

  • ThriftDB Wants To Be The Amazon Web Services Of Search

    TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington recently wrote a post praising the fighting spirit of a little startup called Octopart. The New York City-based startup is a search engine for electronic parts that enables users to find esoteric doodads and doohickeys through categorical or keyword searches. Once you’ve found your item, Octopart shows you which distributors sell the part and provides… Read More

  • MotherKnows Lets Parents View Their Children's Medical Records Anytime, Anywhere

    Parents worry about their kids. It’s what they do. Sometimes with reason, sometimes not. But now, thanks to MotherKnows, parents will be able to verify whether there is medical justification for their worrying. The California-based startup has created a full-service platform, available on mobile and the Web, that is designed specifically to allow parents to have 24-hour access their… Read More

  • Avado Aims To Be The Of Personal Health Records

    Healthcare is expensive, and it’s increasingly suffering from overinflation. It seems that, while what we pay for consumer goods has tended to increase at a normal rate, healthcare costs have sky-rocketed in comparison. Quite a few startups have popped up of late that are attempting to bring disruptive vision to healthcare costs in the U.S., like the National Surgery Network, a sort… Read More

  • Smartheart Turns Your Mobile Phone Into A Heart Monitor

    According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. As this is the case, there are many of us in the U.S. — and across the globe — who have had heart disease or cardiac illnesses affect our lives in many unpleasant ways. Today, thanks to advances in modern technology, we are beginning to see services… Read More

  • Build And Share Rich Educational Content With Desmos

    From kindergarten through college, today classrooms are more wired than ever before. Touchscreen devices and next generation projectors are becoming the norm, WiFi proliferates, and seemingly every other student has more facility with a laptop than I do. Next, it will be tablets. Of course, while technology continues to press forward in opening educational doors, each piece of hardware… Read More

  • PCH International Launches Business Accelerator Program; Lark Named First Startup

    PCH International is one of those quirky, successful mid-size companies you’ve probably never heard of. For starters, PCH is a Chinese manufacturing company named after a California highway that has headquarters located in Ireland. If you have a lot of gadgets lying around, you’ve probably used one and you may not even know it. PCH designs and produces electronics and gadgets… Read More

  • Twitter Buys TweetDeck For $40 Million

    Word has been circulating for weeks now that Twitter was soon to be swooping up the popular third-party app, TweetDeck. In early May, Mike Arrington reported that the deal was as good as done, but the two companies were not yet willing to publicly release the numbers. Today, CNN and CNET broke the news that TweetDeck has been acquired by Twitter for $40 million. Twitter has yet to… Read More

  • Jeff Jarvis: When It Comes To New Journalism, 'Transparency Is The New Objectivity'

    Jeff Jarvis is the creator of Entertainment Weekly, a San Francisco Examiner columnist, the Associate Publisher of The Daily News, and a consultant to new media companies — in other words, a veteran of the old school and a proponent of the new. Jarvis took to the stage today at Disrupt NYC for some banter with TechCrunch Big Kahuna Mike Arrington. The two writers talked about their… Read More

  • Symantec Continues Move Into eDiscovery, Acquires Clearwell Systems For $390 Million

    Symantec, the computer software security giant, has announced that it will be acquiring enterprise-class eDiscovery management platform maker, Clearwell Systems for $390 million. Symantec is probably best known for its widely proliferated (perhaps even ubiquitous) Norton security products, but of late it has been making a play at eDiscovery platforms, a strategic move, considering Gartner… Read More

  • Zecco Launches App To Let You Trade Stocks, View Realtime Stock Market Data On Facebook

    When it comes to public interaction with the stock market, the ability to trade stocks online has completely changed the game. With abundant financial information on the Web, through a little research, more people than ever before have joined in on an activity once reserved for a relationship between the broker and a trader. If you trade online, you may have used ETRADE or TD Ameritrade, or a… Read More

  • Textingly Adds Live Chat And Twilio Hosting To Beef Up Realtime Customer Interaction

    There are a lot of startups out there trying to make SMS messaging more affordable. I won’t even name them all here. But, I’d argue there isn’t a clear market leader as of yet, so with the right team, the right product, and a full suite of services, there still seems to be plenty of room in this space to be successful. Since Textingly launched at the first TechCrunch Disrupt… Read More