Mahesh Sharma

Mahesh Sharma

Mahesh Sharma is TechCrunch’s Indian correspondent, reporting on local start-ups and international affairs.

After a fulfilling full-time and freelance journalism career in his native Australia, Mahesh re-located to Bangalore to ply his trade in one of the world’s most challenging, and rewarding, environments.

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Indian Startup Uses Drones To Drop Aid In Flood-Ravaged Areas

Drones don't have the best reputation on the subcontinent and in the Indian state of Uttarakhand, sandwiched between war-torn regions of Pakistan, Kashmir, and Nepal, villagers no doubt harbour suspic

Real Estate Startup CommonFloor Solving The Last Mile Problem By Hiring BMWs And Mercs To Chauffeur Indian Customers

Indian real estate startup <a target="_blank" href="">CommonFloor</a> has made its first major move since <a href="

How Do You Connect 10 Million Dumbphone Users To Facebook?

As low internet penetration stifled <a target="_blank" href="">Facebook's</a> early growth in emerging markets in 2011, Indian startup <a target="_blank" href="http://www.u2opiamobi

WebDev Video Tutorials Startup Gives Australian High School Students Free Classes To Address Looming Crisis

Hoping to address the software developer skills crisis choking Australia's startup ecosystem, <a target="_blank" href=""></a> is giving away $10 million in credits

Codeforindia Website Connects Western Coders With Indian Social Workers

Karl Mehta, the man who helped coordinate the technology response to Hurricane Sandy, has moved his attention to another emergency situation: India's decaying social infrastructure. He has personally

India’s InterpretOmics Raises $1.7 million To Develop Its Big Data Genome Analytics App

Hoping to trump heavily-funded and tightly-networked Silicon Valley firms, cashed-up Indian startup <a target="_blank" href="">InterpretOmics</a> will harness India's chea

Indians, Spurred By Adoption Of Low-Cost Feature-Phones, Download 2 Billion Apps From Nokia Store

The recent launch of cheap Nokia devices featuring the proprietary S40 and Asha operating systems, and deals with India's four biggest mobile operators, have stimulated a growing appetite for apps and

Rocket Internet’s Lazada Builds Out Its Marketplace Model, While Europe Fashion Portal Zalando Gets A New Investor

<a target="_blank" href="">Rocket Internet's</a> e-commerce properties continue their march towards new horizons in all corners of the glob: in Europe, ASOS-investor and f

Indian Deregulation Opens Door for Messaging App Nimbuzz To Become A Telco

While most messaging app developers are chasing each others' fluffy white tails further and further down the rabbit hole (i'm pretty sure there's a sticker out there that illustrates this point), Indi

India’s Meru Cabs Launches Smartphone Apps With Emergency Distress Button

In its smartphone debut, Meru Cabs is targeting a more diverse group of users than just taxi customers: it's hoping to save people caught in a dangerous situation -- a necessary feature in a country w

India-Pakistan Rivalry Shelved In Grocery Startup’s Cross-Border Expansion

The sixty-year old feud between two bitterly divided neighbours has not dettered Indian grocery marketplace AaramShop from picking Pakistan as the first port of call in its global expansion. The curry

New Accelerator For Bangalore Aims To Nurture 10,000 Startups

In a rare demonstration of Indian execution, private and public stakeholders have taken just over two months to open a fully-equipped, shiny new incubator in Bangalore's commercial district, which asp

MessageMe Introduces Stickers To Keep Pace With Competition

Carrying the weight of expectation attached to securing $11.9 million funding in your first few months of operation, MessageMe has switched on the ability to send and receive stickers -- the increasin

Asana Integrates With Timesheet App Harvest To Track Time And Measure Productivity

Productivity startup <a target="_blank" href="">Asana</a> has integrated its task-management software with timesheet app Harvest, allowing workers to be more accountable to their

India’s Indigenous Languages Drive Wikipedia’s Growth

Despite accommodating the world's second largest English-speaking population behind the United States, India's dozens of indigenous languages are driving the adoption of Wikipedia on the subcontinent

Aussie Recruitment Marketplace RecruitLoop Closes $500,000 Seed Round To Fund American Expansion

Demystifying the cabal of recruitment, Australian start-up RecruitLoop has just closed a $500,000 seed round to establish a United States presence for its hiring marketplace, which promises to undercu

Rakuten Global E-commerce Expansion Weighs Down Q2 Profits

The aggressive international expansion of Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten has continued to put pressure on the firm's bottom line but it is confident the "super sales" and B2B2C business model, popu

India’s Acid Burn Victims Crowdsource Treatment Costs After Attacks

Indians bear witness to an estimated 1,000 acid attacks a year, largely against women rejecting unwanted marriage proposals or defending themselves against male attackers. Now, the women, often from i

ShopClues Backs CEO Sandeep Aggarwal Amidst Insider Trading Charges, Investors Fall Silent

The board and executive team of has backed besieged co-founder and CEO Sandeep Aggarwal, after he was charged with insider trading offences by allegedly providing confidential informatio

Alibaba Bans Messaging App WeChat, Pushes Weibo Instead

A fleeting affair between two of China's biggest tech successes has ended acrimoniously after e-commerce giant Alibaba banned sellers from using Tencent's popular messaging app, WeChat.