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Lucas Matney


Lucas Matney is a reporter at TechCrunch and has been covering emerging technologies and startups since 2015. He lives in San Francisco and can be reached via email at

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The lockdown is driving people to Facebook

The quarantine lockdown is driving a record number of users to Facebook’s products. On a conference call, CEO Mark Zuckerberg disclosed a number of new metrics highlighting a significant bump in

Facebook stock spikes despite ‘significant reduction’ in demand for ads

The coronavirus pandemic is significantly slowing the growth of Facebook’s ads business, but investors seem pleased with the company’s performance in Q1 after Facebook released its earning

Wise locks down $5.7 million to scale its challenger bank designed for small businesses

Stripe and Shopify have transformed the face of commerce for small business users, yet when it comes to putting that cash somewhere, SMBs have found that the banking options aren’t quite as tran

Squad hits desktop as the social screen-sharing app aims to become Gen-Z Zoom

Zoom is an enterprise software company built to help employees meet virtually; it was never intended to be the social platform that guided a disconnected world through a lockdown. On the back of a big

Bonsai raises $1.5M to help students get professional guidance via virtual 1-on-1s

As the world continues to lean more heavily on remote collaboration technologies, investors and entrepreneurs are growing more curious about how behavioral shifts will impact the future of work and ed

Snap looks to load up on cash in sizable debt offering

Fresh off a successful earnings report, Snap announced today that it was looking to raise $750 million in a new debt offering. This upcoming offering will consist of $750 million in convertible senior

What happens if Magic Leap shuts down?

Since first uploading a YouTube teaser video of its tech five years ago, Magic Leap’s presence in the augmented reality industry has been controversial. Some have lauded the team’s ambitio

Magic Leap reportedly slashes 1,000 jobs and steps away from consumer plans

Magic Leap laid off a “number of employees” this morning and announced they were backing away from their consumer ambitions to focus more heavily on selling to enterprise customers. Bloomb

Collaborative meeting notes platform Hugo nabs seed funding from Google, Slack

Workplace productivity software has had an insane year, with slick subscription tools popping up seemingly each new day. VCs have been backing the tools en masse, and startups are continuing to find n

VR telemedicine platform XRHealth raises $7M

As the pandemic pushes more investors towards examining opportunities in telemedicine, a VR startup building out a platform for remote treatment has closed on new funding. XRHealth tells TechCrunch th

Snap surges on earnings revenue beat and Q1 user gains

The coronavirus pandemic has presented plenty of challenges for ad-reliant social networks, but Snap made clear it was not yet feeling significant negative effects with its Q1 earnings release today.

Epic Games launches Fortnite on the Google Play Store and they’re not happy about it

Epic Games is finally settling its feud — kind of — with Google and putting Fortnite onto the Google Play Store, but the studio sounds pretty pissed about it. When Fortnite launched on mob

BoostVC closes $40M fund as revamped ‘sci-fi’ accelerator preps for digital demo day

BoostVC has been an accelerator known for the unconventional bets it has chased — and is still chasing — trends like blockchain and AR/VR that other investors have long sworn off. Its acce

Lightspeed’s Nicole Quinn on the impacts of sheltering in place

Last week, Lightspeed Venture Partners announced that it had closed on $4.2 billion in new capital across three distinct funds — an $890 million early-stage venture fund, a $1.83 billion later-stage

AR swim goggles-maker Form raises $8.5 million Series A

Augmented reality has seen plenty of hardware failures, but investors are still interested in the platform’s potential to help consumers solve niche problems. Form has been building AR-enhanced

Y Combinator officially shifts its next accelerator class to fully remote format

After being forced to quickly shift plans and stage a remote demo day last month following the outbreak of COVID-19 stateside, Y Combinator announced today that they will officially be fully moving th

Week in Review: Facebook hardware finds pandemic market fit

Hey everybody, welcome back to Week in Review. The world of COVID-19 is our new reality, so I’ll continue to include links to some positive updates on research, but I’ll be shifting back t

Facebook’s annual virtual reality conference goes virtual-only

While it quickly became clear that the tech and developer conference held during the spring would need to be cancelled due to COVID-19, tech companies are beginning to pull the plug on events taking p

Conversational AI startup Yellow Messenger raises $20M Series B from Lightspeed

While general purpose chatbots haven’t shaped user interfaces as radically as early advocates like Facebook may have hoped, when used in a more targeted capacity, they have shown promise in buil

Developer platform Glitch debuts $10/mo tier for power users

Glitch is building a premium tier for power users of its user-created micro apps. The rather eccentric developer tools platform launched in 2017, combining a coding workspace with a community of users
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