Eliza Brooke

Eliza Brooke

Eliza Brooke is an associate editor at Fashionista. Having interned at T, The New York Times Style Magazine during college, she got her first job reporting on tech at TechCrunch, where she snuck in as much fashion coverage as she possibly could, before landing at Fashionista, where she sneaks in as much tech coverage as she can. She lives in Brooklyn.

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Using 3D Modeling, Threadmason Aims To Be A Solution For Badly Fitting T-Shirts

Today in t-shirt startups, a New York operation called Threadmason is launching a Kickstarter to fund its dream of using 3D modeling to create basic shirts that fit guys really, really ridiculously we

Aussie App Omny Is Heading To The U.S. To Be An All-Purpose, Personalized Radio

After delivering audio versions of blog articles to the busy masses through SoundGecko, Australian startup 121cast is back with a new service that creates personalized radio stations for users. It's c

BaubleBar Branches Out Into New Categories, Starting With Weddings

After two years of delivering affordable, on-trend jewelry styles every week, BaubleBar has expanded its offerings with a new bridal vertical. It’s likely the first of many: by breaking down jew

Luminate Health Raises $1M To Make Patient Lab Results Comprehensible

Although blood tests are meant to tell you something about your internal state of affairs, it usually feels like you need a medical degree to decipher the results. A New York-based startup called <a

Swirl, A Beacon-Fueled Marketing System, Raises $8M So Retailers Can Track Shoppers

With the goal of closing the gap between retailers and shoppers, the SaaS startup <a target="_blank" href="http://www.swirl.com/">Swirl Networks, Inc.</a> is rolling out a system of in-store beacons t

FiLIP, A Smartwatch For Kids, Will Be Home For The Holidays

Just in time for frenzied family trips to the mall — i.e. the holiday season — wearable tech maker Filip Technologies is preparing to take its first product to market, a GPS and mobile-enabled wat

Domino Magazine Re-Launches As A Digital, Shoppable Publication

For home decor junkies, 2009 was a dark year, marking the shuttering of Condé Nast’s shelter magazine, Domino, after four years in circulation. Today the magazine rises from the dead. There ar

Listia, A Used Goods Marketplace, Raises $9M To Attack Mobile

In addition to the free goods that can be purchased on the peer-to-peer marketplace, Listia has been working to make itself an even more compelling shopping destination with the launch of a rewards st

Yiftee Opens API To Give Developers The Option Of In-App Gifting

Yiftee, the service for sending local gifts to friends, has opened its "GiftUp" API with the hope that developers will incorporate its gift-giving capabilities into their own apps. Yiftee is banking o

Quirky, The New York-Based Invention Machine, Brings On Doreen Lorenzo As President To Build Out Product Categories

In an effort to scale its product development capacity, Quirky, the creation funnel for crowd sourced invention ideas, has hired as president Doreen Lorenzo, formerly the president of design consultan

With Launch of iOS App, 99dresses Goes Mobile-Only For Dress Swapping Goodness

99dresses, the Y Combinator-backed startup that gives women the ability to hit "refresh" on their wardrobes as often as they like through clothing swaps, has gone mobile exclusive with the roll out of

Wish, The App For Logging What You Want, Launches A Complementary Gifting Feature

Well, folks, it’s September. The holiday gift giving season is ON! Wish, the mobile shopping app that lets users create lists of items they would like to purchase later, has launched Gifting, a

A New Batch Of Socially Conscious E-Commerce Startups To Put On Your Radar

Is #FeelGoodFriday a thing? With the launch of e-commerce site Zady last month, we’ve been keeping our eye on other conscious consumerism startups in the pipeline. Here for your consideration,

MakeSpace, A Dropbox For Real Life Storage, Launches In New York Today, Having Raised $1.3M

The phrase “storage unit,” brings to mind one of two things: high-volume drug deals, or a huge hassle. Either way, not good. A startup called MakeSpace is launching in New York today with

Rent The Runway Begins Mobile Push With The Launch Of Its First App

Rent the Runway, the site that has been leasing designer dresses to women at a fraction of retail price since 2009, is launching its first mobile app today. With the understanding that their target cu

Admitted.ly, A College Counseling Service, Launches Today To Level The Admissions Playing Field

Applying to college is confusing. Straight up. Especially so when your only reference points are a copy of the Fiske Guide To Colleges and an over-booked guidance counselor. Admitted.ly, one of ten st

Automattic Acquires File-Sharing Service Cloudup To Build A Faster Media Library And Enable Co-Editing

<a target="_blank" href="http://automattic.com/">Automattic</a>, the parent company of WordPress.com, has acquired <a href="https://beta.techcrunch.com/2013/06/21/cloudup-is-a-fast-dead-simple-way-to-

Here’s What We Saw At ERA’s Summer 2013 Demo Day

Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator (ERA) held its Summer 2013 demo day today — its fifth demo day in two years — with a customary ten companies taking the stage to show off the fruits of

Naveen Selvadurai Has Joined Oscar, The Startup Aiming To Simplify Health Insurance

Naveen Selvadurai, the co-founder of Foursquare who departed the company in 2012, has found a new role at <a target="_blank" href="http://hioscar.com/">Oscar</a>, the health insurance startup founded

Petcube Opens Kickstarter Campaign To Let People Play With Their Pets Remotely

To combat the horrifying dearth of cute cat videos on the Internet, a startup called <a target="_blank" href="http://petcube.net/">Petcube</a> has launched a Kickstarter <a target="_blank" href="http:
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