Sygic Fleshes Out Travel Experience With Features Powered By Groupon, Foursquare, And ParkMe

The offline navigation system Sygic is rounding out its offerings by integrating with Groupon, Foursquare, and ParkMe on a slew of new features for their U.S. and Canada user base. Although the Slovakian startup has accumulated 30 million users across 115 countries since 2004, Europe remains its biggest market. In order to lock down a larger swath of the Americas, Sygic is hoping to use its new features to become a more comprehensive travel service.

“We think that navigation is really about content,” said Sygic CEO Michal Stencl.

Once you have the map portion of things down, that might be true. It’s certainly one way to try to compete in the U.S. market with popular services like Google Maps. Sygic’s new features mean Groupon powering location-based deals, Foursquare offering food and event recommendations, and ParkMe showing users the best places to park their cars in real time.

Previous to this Sygic has already begun layering on its functionality as a travel app, having integrated with TripAdvisor and earlier this year.

[Image from Sygic]