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VC Office Hours: How data can help improve social impact investing

Erin Harkless Moore talks about Pivotal Ventures’ investment strategy, and its future.

Should VCs back the FTC suit against Amazon?

Which do you prefer: Regulators working to contain market power or a potential ceiling being set on exit values for the companies that you back?

Found: Live from TechCrunch Disrupt with cybersecurity trailblazer Window Snyder from Thistle Technologies

Welcome back to Found, the podcast where we get the stories behind the startups.

Bootstrapping is cool once again

Network or no, startup founders are increasingly having to figure out sources of financing that's not venture capital.

What’s the best way to run a startup in a world full of advice?

There exist a myriad of answers to the question, "How do you found your first startup?" But which of those answers apply to you and your situation?

Communia hopes to build a digital safe space for women

Olivia Deramus' company Communia competes in TechCrunch's Battlefield 200, with the mission to create a safe digital space for women.

Inside Kinhub’s plan to democratize employee wellness

Kinhub, a B2B SaaS platform powered by AI, seeks to democratize access to coaching and wellness support for employees.

Taking learnings from working at Amazon to clean beauty with Jaleh Bisharat from NakedPoppy

This episode dives into building a company later in life, the clean beauty movement and when to know to split a startup into two entities.

New California law would force firms to report diversity metrics

The bill requires venture capital firms operating in California to report the diversity breakdown of the founders they fund to the state.

Our favorite startups from YC’s Summer 2023 Demo Day, Day 1

What follows are our favorites from the first day’s pitches, listed in no particular order.

Using AI to talk to trees with Graham Hine from ePlant

Welcome back to Found, where we get the stories behind the startups.  This week Becca and Dom are joined by Graham Hine, the co-founder and CEO of ePlant, a startup that creates sensors that monito

A social platform to map the way we think with Ida Josefiina from Sane

Welcome back to Found, where we get the stories behind the startups. This week Becca and Dom are joined by Ida Josefiina, the co-founder and CEO of Sane, a social knowledge sharing platform.

Window Snyder talks striking out on her own in cybersecurity at TechCrunch Disrupt

When Window Snyder started security infrastructure startup Thistle Technologies in 2020, she already had a decades-long career in cybersecurity under her belt. Snyder first made waves as a senior secu

Enabling equitable cancer prevention with Feyi Ayodele from CancerIQ

Welcome back to Found, where we get the stories behind the startups. This week Becca and Dom are joined by Feyi Ayodele, the co-founder and CEO of CancerIQ, a precision health company designed for phy

VC Office Hours: Why the sex tech industry could benefit from today’s politics

Vice clauses often exclude the sex tech industry from most VCs' investment areas, but the fervor around reproductive rights could drive the conversation forward for this industry.

Is JPMorgan turning a corner on climate finance?

JPMorgan Chase doesn’t have the best reputation in the climate sector. But there’s some evidence to suggest the bank is turning a corner.

Fifteen years in and still early to the industry with Marco Zappacosta from Thumbtack

Welcome back to Found, where we get the stories behind the startups. This week Becca and Dom are joined by Marco Zappacosta, the co-founder and CEO of Thumbtack, a startup that runs a marketplace for

The civil rights movement comes to venture capital

Black women raise around 0.4% of all venture capital funds in any given year, and grant programs like what Fearless built were created to fill that funding gap.

11xAI closes a $2M pre-seed round to create autonomous AI workers

The company builds automated digital workers that can be used in lieu of human employees.

Fearless Fund responds to racial discrimination lawsuit

This marks the first time Fearless Fund has publicly and officially acknowledged AAER’s lawsuit against it since the news broke last week.
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