Bret Taylor: “A Few Years From Now, Most Every Single Person At Facebook Is Going To Be Working On Mobile”

How important is mobile to Facebook? Already, 350 million of its 800 million monthly active users are on mobile devices, and that number is just going to get bigger. "Fundamentally we view it as a rea

How To Pitch Jeff Bezos (And Other “Giant-Brained Aliens”)

Is Jeff Bezos really like a “giant-brained alien?” In categorizing the Amazon founder’s unusual genius, Google (and former Amazon) engineer Steve Yegge compares Bezos and those like him to “h

Spoiler Alert: Steve Jobs Enjoyed Many Types Of Tea, Book Says

Like many of you I've been watching the steady stream of incremental<a href=""> Steve Jobs-related news stories</a> for the past couple days, resultin

Must Watch: Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Launch Trailer

So <a href="">I don't seem biased</a>, because I really don't care, here's the Call of Duty: Modern War 3 trailer. Yo

Fans Line Up At New Seattle Windows Store… For The Concert

This stuff writes itself. At the grand opening of a new Windows Store in Seattle folks were camping out for most of the night only to stream in, breathlessly ready to partake in the one exciting produ

Steve’s Final “One More Thing…”

Steve Jobs was the <a href="">ultimate showman</a>. As such, it should be no surprise that he realized the power of f

The Last Thousand Miles

It transpires that the government of Nunavut, a remote territory of Canada between Hudson bay and Baffin bay, recently acquired some new digital cameras for the purpose of creating driver's licenses.

Up-And-Coming Accelerator First Growth Venture Networks Introduces Sixteen Cool New Startups

We here at TechCrunch love startups, and we love the programs, networks, accelerators, and funds that help these startups grow and take over the world. There are a lot of them out there, and for entre

Facebook CTO Bret Taylor On “Trying To Find The Balance Between Self-Expression And Sharing”

When Facebook CTO Bret Taylor was in high school, he had a backpack covered in patches that helped him express who he was and what things he was interested in. He thinks that your Facebook page is be

Keen On… Why The Internet Has Been Bad For Both Musical Artists and Fans (TCTV)

The author of several classic histories of pop music including <a href="">Rip It Up And Start Again,</a> <a href="

I Believe In Google Plus

<a href=""><img class="alignright size-full wp-image-439657" title="google_plus" src="

Gillmor Gang 10.22.11 (TCTV)

The Gillmor Gang — John Borthwick, Robert Scoble, John Taschek, Kevin Marks, and Steve Gillmor — rebounded from a seven and a half minute gap to explore the mysteries of the Siri platform. As mach

TechCrunch Gadgets Weekend Giveaway: Name PocketCloud’s Mascot, Win An iPhone 4S

See Mr. Fauxcredible over there? He needs a name and Wyse wants to give an iPhone 4S to the reader who comes up with the best one for him. <a HREF="

Hands On With Everpix, The Service That Centralizes All Your Photos From Desktop & Web

For the past week, I've been testing the alpha version of the <a href="">Everpix</a> service, which aims to automatically centralize and organize all your digital photos, both

OnLive Feels The Facebook Love, Offers Any Game For $1

OnLive offered a challenge to their community: Get 62,791 likes on <a href="">its Facebook page</a> and all users would get one game for $1. Well, OnLive's fans c

High-End Car-Sharing Service HiGear Expanding To L.A.

San Francisco-based <a href="">HiGear</a>, a peer-to-peer car-sharing service focused on luxury vehicles, is expanding to L.A. starting November 1st. The move is part of the comp

Interview With Dick Costolo At Web 2.0 Summit [VIDEO]

Twitter CEO and former improv comedian <a href="">Dick Costolo </a>gave an almost hour long talk at the opening dinner of <a href="http://www.web20summit.c

Bill Gates Pitches Windows Vista, Predicts The iPad (2006 Video)

Five years ago, I was working for a Belgian company that published the only weekly IT magazine in the country, <a href="">Data News</a>. I was not a reporter, but in charge of i

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