The Gas Has Been Passed From iPhone To Windows Phone 7: Fart App Tops The Charts

Do you smell that? It’s the sweet smell of success. Or — well, something. Windows Phone 7 devices aren’t even available to the public yet, but it’s looking like Microsoft may replicate Apple’s iPhone success in at least one important area: fart apps.

Even though the phones aren’t going to launch for a few more weeks, the app store is up and running within Microsoft’s Zune software. And those reviewers and/or employees with devices are downloading and using the first batch of must-have apps. The top-selling app? Farting Dino.


I don’t know what’s better: the fact that an app named Farting Dino is the first hit for Windows Phone 7, or that it’s a paid app, and people are actually paying for it. iPhone users have long been in love with fart apps, but almost all of them have been free. Perhaps Windows Phone 7 really is going to change the space.

It’s interesting that even though Apple has since decided that fart apps are no longer kosher, Microsoft has said they’ll be fine with them. That commitment is clearly going to be put to the test early.

[image: flickr/artificialignorance] [via twitter/ai]