• Xmarks Begins Monetizing Bookmarks With Advertising And Analytics Platform SearchBoost

    Following a rebranding last year, Xmarks, a social bookmarking and search tool, has been growing steadily in users. Following the addition of its search feature last March, Xmarks now has 4.5 million active users and has bookmarked 1 billion URLS. Xmarks is free as a plug-in to users (and is available on IE8, Firefox, Chrome and Safari) but until now, has not turned on any revenue streams. Read More

  • Plastic Logic Que to ship around June 24th

    It’s sexy and expensive, like a solid gold lady, but the Que is struggling with the usual first-run production woes. At least we have a shipping date now: June 24th. It’s my favorite of the “vanilla” e-readers, but I’m beginning to wonder whether I’ll ever hold one? Read More

  • Surprise, surprise: Modern Warfare 2 map pack breaks records

    Here’s another one to file in the “Duh” cabinet. Although at least one person resisted its siren call, that didn’t stop millions of war-crazy gamers from buying Modern Warfare 2’s Stimulus Package map since its release last week. Now, it was no big secret that it would sell like gangbusters (in spite of that $15 price tag), but the real figures probably have… Read More

  • Two new pirate jokes relating to Apple

    Q: On what chipset do pirates like to build their tablet platforms?

  • Samsung's new webcam sensors are "high performance, high definition" – kind of

    When the first 720p webcams came out, I was pretty skeptical. And I still am, considering that their image quality isn’t very good. I mean, you may as well stick with 640×480; at least it’ll be clear. 1280×720 pixels is a lot to ask from a sensor the size of a ladybug. And those cheap little lenses simply can’t resolve the detail necessary to justify such a… Read More

  • Another pico projector, this one from Sapphire

    I never thought I’d see the day when pocket-sized projectors would be so thick on the ground that I can’t tell the difference between them. Well, that day is come. While the big guys (TI, HP, 3M, and others without two-character acronyms) have their own entries into the pico-projector field, there are a ton of me-toos out there that don’t really add anything to the equation. Read More

  • Hacker says he's got Linux on the PS3 again

    It was only last week, on the 1st, when Sony announced it’d be removing the Install Other OS option from the PS3 — an option already missing on the PS3 Slim. Predictably, there was outrage, and now, a hack. Renowned hackster Geohot has shown that by a simple restore trick, you can get 3.21 to let you install another OS — but if you’ve already updated and lost the… Read More

  • FCC: Comcast Decision Casts a Shadow On Broadband Plan

    The FCC acknowledged on their official blog today that the court’s decision on the Comcast deal could hamper their national broadband plan. General Counsel of the FCC, Austin Schlick says that the court’s ruling that the FCC does not have the authority to enforce net neutrality was an “important ruling.” “It undermines the legal approach the FCC adopted in 2005… Read More

  • Upcoming Live Blogs: Apple's iPhone OS 4 tomorrow, Microsoft's Project Pink on 4/12

    Start the countdown, folks. Tomorrow at 10 A.M. sharp, Apple will finally be dropping the curtain on iPhone OS 4.0 – and we’ll be there, reporting live. We’ll get to the ol’ Infinite Loop bright and early, armed to the teeth with laptops, cameras, an array of 3G USB dongles, and all the other gear necessary to bring you the best liveblog around. The event starts at 10… Read More

  • The Dell Latitude E6410 ATG has attitude

    What do you get when you combine the new Dell Latitude E6410 with a semi-rugged frame? Obviously this ATG model. Yeah, I know, lame joke but I don’t have time to to think of a more clever intro so deal with it. Read More

  • The Dell Latitude E6410 and E6510 bring Core i5, Core i7, and discrete graphics

    Dell has been building notebooks under the Latitude nameplate, well, forever, right? It seems that way, but the series keeps trucking on as the company continues to load the latest goods onto the platform. The E6410 and E6510 builds upon the success of the previous generation but ditches the 2009 specs for chips that are a bit more 2010. Read More

  • This is the best fan-made Call of Duty: Modern Warfare live action movie you'll see today

    Actually, it might be the best fan-made Call of Duty: Modern Warfare live action movie you’ll ever see, and it only cost $209.42 to make says the YouTube description. Here’s hoping that part 2 comes real soon. Read More

  • Mixpanel Lands Chinese Social Game Developer Five Minutes, Continues Strong Growth

    When it comes to social games, one of the most important keys to success is analytics. Fun gameplay is, of course, a big factor, but tweaking viral loops to boost your userbase can make the difference between a fun game no one plays and a hit. Mixpanel is a startup that’s playing an increasingly bigger role in this space, by offering developers tools to track analytics that go deeper… Read More

  • Groupon CEO On Attack Of The Clones [Video]

    Groupon’s Andrew Mason is well aware of all the Groupon-esque sites but he says he’s picking his battles: “At first it was definitely really weird, just because my motivation as an entrepreneur, internet person, is so different from the type of person that would go and copy something exactly… The first couple of times we saw these sites it would be just people copying… Read More

  • Samsung Spinpoint MP4: A 2.5-inch 640GB 7200 RPM drive meant for us

    Doesn’t it seem like 2.5-inch hard drives have been stuck at 500GB for a while? Well, Samsung is the latest to announce its next-gen hard drive platform and while it doesn’t have the same 750GB capacity as WD’s latest 5400 RPM drive, we’ll take the Sammy’s 7200 RPM speed with a little less storage any day. Read More

  • Glam Media Brings iPad-Friendly Publishing Platform GlamMobile To The U.S.

    Glam Media, the distributed media network, is rolling out its mobile publishing platform GlamMobile to the U.S. today. The GlamMobile Publisher Platform for iPad and Mobile Devices gives advertisers the ability to reach the largest audience of women online, now on mobile devices. The network, which has been available to users in Japan, allows 1,500 publishers to optimize their sites for the… Read More

  • Joule iPad stand is $129 of pure art

    Need a fancy pants stand for your iPad? Have $129 to spend? Get yourself a crazy Joule stand. The Joule basically holds your iPod in a standing positon and its made from a few pieces of solid aluminum. It comes in polished or black anodized and you can request custom coatings or engravings. This thing is almost totally handmade in California by the same guys who made the amazing Element Case. Read More

  • Reuters: FTC Lawyers To Recommend Blocking Google-AdMob Deal

    The FTC is reportedly gearing up to challenge the Google-AdMob deal, due to anti-trust regulations The search giant acquired the popular mobile advertising network for $750 million last Fall. Reports emerged today from Reuters’ sources that the FTC’s lawyers will recommend that the Commission block the deal. We’re not surprised, considering that we heard that Google was… Read More

  • Loopt Updates Mobile Apps, Brings LooptPulse To BlackBerry

    Location-based social network Loopt has just updated its iPhone and BlackBerry applications, adding a hybrid map feature that allows you to view a single map (seen at right) that plots nearby points of interest, friends, and events all at once. The new update also brings LooptPulse, which the company has already launched for the iPhone and iPad, to the BlackBerry. LooptPulse, which was… Read More

  • Zero Punctuation: God of War III

    http://cdn2.themis-media.com/media/global/movies/player/flowplayer.commercial-3.1.5.swf Summery: Kratos muders a lot of people. That’s it. (but it’s still entertaining to watch) Read More

  • Google Testing Google Voice Desktop App Internally

    Google Testing Google Voice Desktop App Internally

    Last November Google acquired Gizmo5, a VoIP service that competed with Skype by making P2P VoIP calls as well as making and receiving calls with POTS (normal landlines) and mobile phones. Gizmo5 fills some of the holes in the Google Voice product, particularly providing an endpoint for calls. Currently Google Voice users must assign their Google Voice phone number to an actual phone to make… Read More

  • Gasp! AT&T's "Unlimited" data plan for the iPad 3G to actually be unlimited

    I’m trying to keep the iPad-related posts here on MobileCrunch down to a minimum, because I figure you’re getting enough of it shoved in your face by other blogs, Twitter, and your mother after she saw it mentioned on the news and wanted to bond with you. With that said, this one gets a pass for being as much AT&T-related as it is iPad-related. You see, most of the major… Read More

  • Review: The Apple iPad

    In these times we have little opportunity for mystical religious experience. By “religious” I mean the feeling that something exciting is about to happen – whether after death or immediately, through the intercession of a divine being, a miracle in life. The neophilic mind has craved magic, craved the new and spectacular, since prehistory. Man deified thunder, worshiped the… Read More

  • Tune in at 3pm EDT for CrunchGear's live podcast

    http://www.blogtalkradio.com/BTRPlayer.swf?file=http://www.blogtalkradio.com%2fCrunchGear%2fplay_list.xml&autostart=false&shuffle=false&callback=http://www.blogtalkradio.com/FlashPlayerCallback.aspx&width=630&height=105&volume=80&corner=rounded Here are some of the topics from today’s podcast… The Honda U3-X iPad (sorry) …and more Feel free… Read More

  • The French Foursquare, Plyce, snags seed funding to aim at Europe

    France-based Plyce recently has just confirmed that it has scored funding from high-profile French seed funds, Jaina Capital and Kima Ventures. The location-based social network that is along the same lines of Foursquare and Gowalla was only officially launched last month. Founded by former managers from web agency Majes as well as the current COO of Criteo who was previously at… Read More

  • Qlipso's CEO Explains Why He Bought Veoh

    The long, sad tale of video site Veoh seemed to be in its final chapter when founder Dmitry Shapiro declared the company was filing for bankruptcy back in February. The copyright litigation with Universal Music Group proved to be too costly and too distracting, even though Veoh won a summary judgement in its favor. But hours before Veoh was actually about to file the bankruptcy papers… Read More

  • Foursquare Starts To Enforce The Rules, Cracks Down On Fake Check-Ins

    Foursquare Starts To Enforce The Rules, Cracks Down On Fake Check-Ins

    Foursquare fans, you’re going to have to start earning your badges and mayorships the hard way: by actually visiting the places you’re checking into. The red-hot location game has announced that it is implementing a “cheater code” that checks your phone’s GPS signal to determine if you’re actually where you say you are. You’ll still be able to check… Read More

  • Skyfire puts BlackBerry development on pause, focuses on Android

    You might want to take a seat, BlackBerry fans. Remember all those pictures and details about the BlackBerry port of the Skyfire browser that leaked way back in April of last year? Those are all you’re going to get for a while. Skyfire CEO Jeff Glueck has just stepped out to announce that development of the BlackBerry port has been put on an indefinite hiatus, with the Android port… Read More

  • USB 3.0 adoption could be slowed because of lack of demand

    Willing to spend $300+ on a fancy motherboard just so you can get USB 3.0 support? Yeah, that might not be such a good idea, if only because Intel is in no hurry to integrate the spec into its chipsets. That means companies have to go out of their way to offer USB 3.0 on their systems. The odds of seeing USB 3.0 on a cheap-o netbook, then, are pretty much non-existent. Read More

  • Vodafone targets developing markets with mobile web and Opera Mini

    Now that most of us are essentially swimming in 3G signals on a daily basis, it’s easy to forget that a solid percentage of the world still has to make do with GPRS. Telecom giant Vodafone hasn’t forgotten though, and they’re taking a novel approach to making sure the developing world gets their mobile internet fix: they’ll pre-load Opera Mini on 20 low-end phone models. Read More

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