• World of Warcraft: Cataclysm beta pre-invites incoming!

    Look what just showed up in my inbox! No details were mentioned, dates or anything like that, but I did submit my Battle.net account to the giant database in the sky. ¡Muy emocionante! Read More

  • Google Continues To Embrace QR Codes, Integrates Them Into Its URL Shortener

    Last December, Google joined the myriad other companies that offer link shortening services with the launch of Goo.gl, the official Google URL Shortener. Today, it’s gotten a nifty new feature: add “.qr” to the end of any shortened link, and Google will generate a QR code for it. For example, the link http://goo.gl/SJhz would become http://goo.gl/SJhz.qr. The new trick… Read More

  • FoxSoccer.tv learns that Web sites work best when they're actually online

    Call me crazy, but Web sites usually work best when they’re online. Nobody knows this better than we do here at CrunchGear, where the site is down a good 20 percent of the time. But at the very least you’re not paying for our crummy service, unlike the poor FoxSoccer.tv customers. Fox wants $45 per season for online access to a whole host of content, including live games from all… Read More

  • France’s Jobintree scores another €1 million from 123Venture

    Paris-based recruitment platform Jobintree has just scored another €1 million round of funding with 123Venture. Founded in April 2008 by two former managers from another leading French job site, Keljob, the company had previously raised €2 million with business angels at the end of 2008. Now, with the new funds, Jobintree plans primarily to expand their national presence and development. Read More

  • Modern Warfare 2 free on Steam this weekend!


  • HTC Incredible coming April 29th? Looks like it

    For all of you folks who were left disappointed after Verizon’s deafening silence regarded the HTC Incredible at CTIA : start smiling. Earlier today, the above image from an internal Verizon e-mail started circulating. “New devices coming really soon!”, it promised. Now, it would have probably been safe to assume that included the Incredible – but assumptions are… Read More

  • Onkyo's new notebook is 22mm thin, offers over 14 hours of battery life

    Onkyo in Japan announced [JP, PDF] a new notebook today, the Sotec MX1007A4. It has a 10.1-inch screen featuring 1,024×600 resolution and LED backlight, with Onkyo saying one of the two selling points is its thickness (the notebook is 22mm thin – 18mm at it thinnest part). It weighs just 1.16kg, too. Read More

  • Social travel portal Minube unpacks in China

    [Spain] Minube, a social travel portal out of Spain, launches in China today. It’s the beginning of a roll-out across Asia and the company expects to add Japan within weeks, as well as opening an office in Guangzhou. Launched in November 2007, Minube already has Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian and French versions. In Spain, traffic is over 1 million monthly visits and at 1.6… Read More

  • Prism Color Video monitor, for all your infant surveillance needs

    Is your little one stealing the silver? Running a meth lab in the basement? Sleeping fitfully? Now you can find out just what the matter is with the high tech Prism Color Video monitor. While this may not be cool to some people, to a parent used to a wonky little monitor squawking on the bedside at three in the morning, a nice 2.4GHz remote monitor with color screen is a godsend. Read More

  • TSA: Your iPad should make it through airport security without hassle

    Good news for iPad-owning travelers: the Transportation Security Administration says that you won’t have to remove Apple’s magical and revolutionary device from your bag while you go through airport security. That’s the official word, at least, but I can just picture the helpful staff (…) at Newark or JFK demanding you remove it from your bag anyway. Read More

  • Messi: You know you're good when people compare you to a PlayStation!

    How do you know when you’re a great athlete? Oh, I don’t know, maybe when the top-tier manager of the opposing team calls you a PlayStation! Like, you’re so good it’s almost as if someone goes into Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer or EA Sports’ FIFA, creates a player, than gives said player 12 out of 10 in all the key stats: speed, attack, technical skill, etc. Read More

  • Palm stock sky rockets thanks to Lenovo buyout rumor

    The graph above pretty much says it all, but to throw in a bit of context: at around 10:30 EDT this morning, a rumor ripped through Wall Street indicating that Lenovo (who you probably remember as the Chinese tech company who bought IBM’s PC division in 2005) was considering snatching up Palm. In the roughly 3 hours or so that have passed, Palm stock has surged by just over 70 cents… Read More

  • Guest Post: Groupon clone wars – Who will win the Battle of Britain?

    This is a guest post by Tim O’Shea (Twitter: @timothyoshea), founder of Blurtit, co-founder of Qhub and most recently co-founder of the short lived UK group buying website Snippa. He addresses challenges facing the group buying site market in the UK following the explosion of Groupon clone style startups through his own experience with Snippa. On a trip to New York in November 2009… Read More

  • Ticketea secures new funding to expand its social event management service

    [Spain] Ticketea, a Spanish startup centered on event promotion and management, has secured a further round of funding after raising $280,000 last summer. In line with most early-stage funding in Spain, it’s on the small side: €100,000 from an undisclosed business angel and €100,000 from public credit fund ENISA. Ticketea operates in particularly crowded sector. Locally… Read More

  • AdLib: Apple's Secret Weapon For Making Better Web Apps For The iPad

    Did you give in and buy yourself an iPad? Go grab it. If you don’t own one, just reach your arms out, conjure up a temporary air of smugness, and play along. Now take your iPad (or your imaginaryPad, or what have you) and pop into Safari. Hit the bookmarks button, and then tap “iPad User Guide”. Explore a bit. Notice the dual-pane view with independent scrolling; notice… Read More

  • iSuppli says the iPad contains about $260 worth of parts

    Oh, component breakdowns. How we love ’em. Let’s talk about the iPad. Read More

  • Hey, Twitter Startups: It's Time To Stop Filling Holes and Start Building Killer Apps

    There are thousands of apps built on top of Twitter, but are any of them a true killer app that could give rise to an entirely new sub-industry? Venture capitalist, and Twitter investor, Fred Wilson doesn’t think so. While Twitter desktop clients, mobile apps, photo uploading services, and URL shorteners have all made Twitter what it is today, he points out: Much of the early work on… Read More

  • Not as cool as Gundam, but: Watch Gigantor protecting Kobe (video)

    Remember Gigantor? Remember last October, when the Japanese city of Kobe erected a 18m high statue of the giant anime robot? Granted, the robo statue is nowhere near as big as its Gundam counterpart, but it’s still pretty cool. Read More

  • Windows 7 SP1 beta appears on torrent sites

    Anyone feeling particularly frisky this morning? ‘Cause it doesn’t take too much work to find what is supposed to be Windows 7 SP1 beta as it’s appeared on numerous torrent sites. We hear it’s the real deal, too. Read More

  • Druva Raises $5 Million From Sequoia And IAN For Data Protection Software

    Druva Software, a company that provides continuous data protection and disaster recovery products, has raised $5 million in Series A funding from Sequoia Capital and the Indian Angel Network (IAN). Druva, which is profitable, will use the capital to fuel international expansion. Druva offers two products:, Druva inSync, for laptops in an enterprise environment and Druva Phoenix, for… Read More

  • Video: Crysis 2 debuts in Times Square

    http://www.viddler.com/player/de2d6aaf/ Pedestrians in Times Square were treated to the debut trailer of Crysis 2, the next game from Crytek (and publisher EA) that will bring your PC to its knees. Well, unless you’re playing the console version. There’s a countdown timer on some sort of Web site, wonder what that means… Read More

  • Is StreamTV a black knight in the 3D TV market?

    3D TVs are a hot topic these days, with Panasonic, Sony, and Samsung all fighting for a piece of the action. But the battle may have just gotten more interesting with the entrance of a new competitor: StreamTV. We were just informed that this company, which we have never heard of, currently has an Amazon listing for a 42-inch and a 37-inch 3D TV. Read More

  • Online Advertising Revenues Climb Out Of The Trough, Boosted By Search, Display, And Video

    The online advertising industry climbed out of last year’s recession in the fourth quarter. New data from the Interactive Advertising Bureau and PriceWaterhouseCoopers shows that online advertising revenues in the U.S. climbed 2.6 percent annually in the fourth quarter to $6.3 billion, and were up 13.8 percent from the previous quarter. These U.S.-only numbers compare to 10.2… Read More

  • Over One Third Of iPad-Only Apps Are Games (And More Stats)

    Over One Third Of iPad-Only Apps Are Games (And More Stats)

    It’s still early days, but app store analytics company Distimo is already diving into the App Store for iPad, gathering some data and analyzing the results. More specifically, the startup has compared some preliminary data for iPad-only applications across multiple categories in the App Store with its findings on iPhone apps. Distimo tracked 2,385 unique iPad applications in the… Read More

  • Medialets' Universal SDK Gets Android-Friendly

    Medialets, an advertising and analytics startup, bet big on the iPhone early, rolling out its universal SDK at the launch of the App Store two years ago. And the startup just launched a universal SDK that works with the iPad. And the company’s Apple-centric strategy has paid off; Medialets is one of the most widely used ad platforms and counts NPR, CNN and Fox as clients. Today, the… Read More

  • The Lenovo C200 offers NVIDIA Ion 2, dual-core Atom for $499

    Lenovo’s latest flatscreen all-in-one just broke cover and it’s an Intel Nvidia mash-up made in heaven. Behind the 16:9 18.5-inch 1366×768 screen hides a dual-core Intel Atom D510 CPU, which isn’t too bad on its own, but the optional touchscreen and GeForce G210 GPU makes it into a solid multipurpose desktop. Of course you’re not going to be running Crysis 2 on it… Read More

  • Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 Now Available for iPhones Everywhere

    I have fond memories of playing Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 on my PlayStation back in high school. I remember trading stories with friends about the biggest tricks I’d pulled, and being astounded at the scores that “a friend of their’s” could pull in a single trick. I remember single-mindedly trying to beat those trick scores, re-starting a level each time I bailed… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: $79 Samsung Blu-ray player with Netflix

    Blu-ray won the format war. I was wrong and Ben was right. Oh well. At least Blu-ray players are finally dropping down in price. Today’s Woot is a $79 Sammy model that’s capable of streaming Netflix. Yeah, it’s a refurb, but the price is right. Read More

  • Sleep Scan: Tanita's sensor-equipped mat monitors your sleep

    Leading health monitor manufacturer Tanita today announced [JP] a sensor-equipped mat that’s supposed to measure the deepness and quality of your sleep. The company, which is also active in the US, says placing the mat under your mattress is enough. The system will then keep track of your body motion, breath rate and pulse throughout the night. Read More

  • Gemvara Raises $5.2 Million For Custom Jewelry Shopping Online

    Back in July 2008, we wrote about a company called Paragon Lake that had raised $5.8 million to put kiosks in jewelery stores to help you design custom jewelry. Earlier this year, the company got a new name (it’s now called Gemvara), its CEO departed (it’s now being led by founder Matt Lauzon), and it has a new business model: it’s now a consumer facing site that allows users… Read More