MediaScrape Wants A Word With Our Readers

mediascrape.jpgWe wrote about Montreal, Canada based MediaScrape last month when they announced a $3.2 million round of financing. In the post, Duncan noted some inconsistencies in their funding announcements and questioned their claim to be a “leading online broadcast news network.” Some of the comments to the post were also a bit harsh on the company and founder.

Founder Tyler Cavell isn’t happy with the post, and isn’t satisfied simply using the comments, or his own blog, to get his message out. While normally we’d simply ignore this kind of rant, Tyler used the magic words in his email to us: “we are prepared to take legal action.” Our standing policy on legal threats is simple. We publish them.

Here’s the email:

To whom it may concern:

MediaScrape would like to have the ability to reply to the awful comments written about me personally and our site on TechCrunch. Why is there no ability for us to reply to the incorrect posts?

The post is ridiculous, poorly written, not researched (we were never contacted) and we are prepared to take legal action. Our investors inlcude the CEOs of leading banks and media companies. They are advising us on possible next steps in terms of legal action.



If we thought we’d done something wrong, we’d fix it. In this case our post was more than fair. And we’ve had idle legal threats from much scarier companies than MediaScrape before (a complete list: YouTube, Marvel, Rivals and my personal favorite, Richard Figueroa) and this is no way to build credibility. If you have something to say, Tyler, put it in the comments and we’ll add it to this post. Otherwise, enjoy this last post about your company on TechCrunch, at least until it goes into the deadpool.

Update: Our hero responds in the comments below, and rescinds his threat to take legal action. He also takes a short detour to trash his “Quebec Senior high school drop-out, former cocaine-addict, delusional cousin.” I’m sure he’ll feel much better now. Your investors must be so proud.