Shannon Terry Is Pissed Off, Threatens Lawsuit Against TechCrunch

I just received the letter below by email, in reference to my previous post on Shannon Terry and I’m not going to make a statement on this just yet – our lawyers are involved and have advised me to keep quiet for now.

I’ll say this much, though. Rivals is no longer my favorite sports news site.

Update (11:42 pm PST 4/13/08): I am still not prepared to respond directly to the letter below. However, I do want to reach out directly to Shannon Terry and say this: I offer you the opportunity to to respond in writing to my initial post and refute any fact or opinion that is stated in that post. I will publish your unedited response here on TechCrunch, giving it full and equal publicity to the original post. In fact, I’ll leave it up on the top of page one for a full 24 hours, and you can choose the day you would like it published. It will remain permanently on TechCrunch and will have a distinct URL. It can be any length you feel is appropriate, and you can link to whatever supporting documents you like.