Oh. My. God. Marvel Moves To Shut Down Our Iron Man Screening

Marvel has sent us a cease and desist letter demanding that we cancel the Iron Man event tomorrow at the AMC Metreon in San Francisco. We are not canceling the event yet – stay tuned as our lawyers work this out.

Just to be clear, we paid the full ticket price for every seat and are fully authorized to do this. This is unbelievable and stupid in so many ways, and goes right to the top of the list of moronic legal moves against us. And he even ends the note with a “please don’t print” message.

Update: Just spoke to Althoff. He’s serious. And threatening lots of further action. He mentioned “public safety.”

Update 2: Just for the record, we began the whole process by calling the group sales phone number on the official Iron Man movie site, and worked directly with Paramount on the screening.

Update 3: As of right now, AMC is telling Marvel where to stick it, and the show is still on. More in the morning.

Update 4: Goodness prevails. Event is ON.