x prize

  • X PRIZE Visioneering and The Mother of All Business Plan Competitions

    I’ve participated in dozens of business plan competitions over the years.  I concluded that they are a lot fun, but that they do little more than educating students on the fundamentals of starting a business.  They create a lot of heat and light but hardly any motion.  There are few competitions winners who have made it big. I spent the weekend, however, participating in a… Read More

  • Efficient Vehicle Startups Vie For $10m Automotive X-Prize

    Most people are familiar with the original X-Prize, won by Burt Rutan and Paul Allen’s SpaceShipOne. The foundation now supports a few other endeavors, including rapid genome sequencing, Lunar exploration, and creating super-efficient vehicles. This last contest is making news this week by announcing all of its 111 entrants at the New York Auto Show. Seems a strange place to show off a… Read More

  • X Prize for 100 mile per gallon car at NY Auto Show

    The Tango The New York International Auto Show starts later this week, but the best in show may not be something from BMW or Ford. (I hope you laughed at that.) A car contest is being held that’s sponsored by the X Prize Foundation, the same group responsible for that earth-to-the-moon contest. This particular contest aims to spur people to create… Read More