• Microsoft Acquires Tellme

    Microsoft announced the acquisition of Tellme this morning, confirming the two week old rumors. The Price, previously rumored in the $800 million range, is undisclosed. The WSJ says “up to $800 million” and Gigaom is saying “over $800 million but below a billion dollars.” My bet is that GigaOm has the better information. The core Tellme executive team is staying on board. Read More

  • Microsoft To Acquire TellMe, Part II

    On February 26 we reported that a TellMe acquisition by Microsoft was imminent. The WSJ has now reported (behind paywall) that the two companies are in merger talks, and that a deal may be signed this week. The price – “up to” $800 million. Microsoft Corp. is in acquisition talks with Tellme Networks Inc., a closely held company that makes Web-based voice technology, and may sign… Read More

  • TellMe For Sale

    Further Update: This deal is now confirmed. Update:TellMe is saying that they have not been acquired by Microsoft, adding only “conversations are happening across the board.” More on this as it develops. Acquisition discussions are clearly occuring. Take TellMe off the IPO list for this year – We have multiple sources saying that Microsoft has acquired the company. We’re… Read More

  • TellMe: A Robot Does the Searching, You Do the Swearing

    TellMe: A Robot Does the Searching, You Do the Swearing

    Oliver at MobileCrunch and Mike at TC got to test out the latest version of TellMe, a voice-enabled search service that lets you tell a robot what you’re looking for. The robot then sends you a map, if necessary, and lets you call the locaation or SMS directions to friends. TellMe requires a tiny standalone app for the mapping and it seems to be free right now, so it’s a considerable… Read More

  • TellMe Launches a Killer Mobile Product

    If you have a cell phone that supports the new TellMe mobile application, you will never use 411 again to find a business. It launches today at 5 AM PST. TellMe mobile is a free Java application that you install on your phone. You can then find normal 411 information via a voice activated menu. Just hold the talk button and say the city and state you are searching in. Then say the business name. Read More