• TDK develops disc capable of holding 320GB

    TDK develops disc capable of holding 320GB

    TDK has something pretty interesting in store for next week's CEATEC 2009 electronics exhibition in Japan. The company plans to showcase a write-once optical disc that boasts a capacity of 320GB distributed over ten layers holding 32GB each (as opposed to a Blu-ray disc that can store up to 25GB per layer). Read More

  • TDK still pushing the boundaries of disk density

    TDK still pushing the boundaries of disk density

    I love that the technology TDK has used to increase maximum disk density to 803 gigabits per square inch is called “Tunneling Magneto-Resistance” and its replacement “Current-Perpendicular-to-Plane Giant Magneto-Resistance.” Man, those sound like stuff you buy for your ship in Escape Velocity. The precision and force necessary to reliably etch magnetic information into… Read More

  • TDK Develops Mini Blu-ray Discs for HD Camcorders, 200GB Blu-ray Discs For Everyone

    Two Blu-ray developments from TDK today. The first is a 200GB, six-layer Blu-ray disc that can hold four times the amount of “movie” that you get with the current Blu-ray dual-layer discs. The other is an 8cm mini Blu-ray disc that holds 16.5GB and will be used in HD camcorders and other recordable media traditionally using mini DVD discs. Why should you, Joe Sophisticato, care? Well… Read More

  • TDK Hits 32GB With NAND

    TDK Hits 32GB With NAND

    TDK has announced that it’s reached a capacity of 32GB with its new IDE compatible NAND Flash memory. The Flash disk is roughly 20 percent smaller in size than a standard 2.4-inch notebook drive, consumes less less power and can transfer data at rates up to 33.3MBps. It is currently available only in limited sample quantities, but with all the announcements of similar devices, expect to… Read More