TDK's Retro-Futuristic Boomboxes Look Sweet

TDK recently relaunched itself as a modern tech and audio brand, so stop thinking of them as the people who made your cassette tapes, and start thinking of them as the people who made these awesome boomboxes. These are the coolest digital audio amps I’ve seen since the A-Box. They cost a grip, though, as you might expect.

There are two versions: the “Three-Speaker Boombox” and the “Two-Speaker Boombox.” Can you tell which is which? I knew you could.

The three-speaker one has that dedicated 15W subwoofer channel in between the 10W speakers, there, but the two-speaker one has a shoulder strap for easy portability/bothering bystanders. They both have USB and line in, plus touch-sensitive buttons and a little display for song titles and such.

Too bad the two-speaker one costs $399 and the other one $499. That’s a lot of cash — but at least they look it. The piano black/brass style definitely works. They’ll be available in early 2011.