TDK announces wireless (Kleer) headphones

TDK‘s main business is producing not too sexy electronic materials and data-storage media, which means the company announcing [JP] new headphones today is a rare occasion. The TH-WR700, to be marketed under Imation‘s “TDK Life on Record” brand, are wireless headphones (2.4GHz) that are based on Kleer (not Bluetooth) technology.

TDK says they chose Kleer’s wireless solution over Bluetooth because the former technology produces less noise when listening to music (TDK has measured a difference of 40db on average). The TH-WR700 features 32Ω impedance, 20Hz–20kHz frequency response, and 108 dB/mW sensitivity.

It comes with a small transmitter that needs to be plugged into the player in question and makes sure you can listen to music from up to 10m away. TDK says that the unit is designed so that it can be used with the iPhone as well (the company isn’t specifying which iPhone models are supported).

The headphones go on sale in Japan on March 1 for $190. TDK hasn’t said anything yet about international sales plans.