• Samsung says SSD memory is just fine, quit talking about it

    [photopress:samsung_1_8_inch_ssd_2_small.jpg,full,center] There are some shady rumors going around that SSD memory might be sketchy. The rumors say that after 100,000 writes, the RAM starts to fail. Not so, says Samsung’s Michael Yang. He wants you to know that it might start to fail after 100,000 writes to every single cell in the chip, something that would be virtually… Read More

  • Samsung u550 launches on Verizon

    Samsung u550 launches on Verizon

    Is brown the new black? Apparently so. Today, Samsung launched the brown clamshell, SCH-u550, on the Verizon wireless network. It looks boring from the outside, but it doesn’t seem too bad if you’re looking for a phone with a few extras. I typically scoff at camera phones with anything less than 2-megapixels, but this whole Night Shot feature intrigues me even though the u550… Read More

  • Toshiba making it official tomorrow? Samsung shifts gears

    Toshiba making it official tomorrow? Samsung shifts gears

    We’ve covered this extensively already and know that Blu-ray has won the physical HD media war, but it’s being reported that Toshiba may make an official announcement as early as tomorrow. All Toshiba HD DVD hardware including stand alone players and optical drives will become non-existent on retailer shelves by March. In the same realm of news, Samsung has announced they will… Read More

  • Samsung F480 hands-on Took us a while to get this footage up but here’s a look at the home screen on the F480, which looks quite cool. As usual, this phone will probably never hit our shores in its present configuration. Read More

  • Samsung ACE released: Like the Blackjack only with a SIM card… wait

    Samsung ACE released: Like the Blackjack only with a SIM card… wait

    Not content to corner the market in world-changing Nextel phones, Sprint has got its greasy paws on the Samsung ACE, a rebranded — and improved — Blackjack with EV-DO and a separate SIM card slot for world support. The phone runs Windows Mobile 6 and has a 2.3-inch color screen and QWERTY keyboard. Interestingly enough, during testing in Barcelona we discovered that the ACE… Read More

  • Samsung's amazing TouchWiz OS

    Seriously. This is one OS — found on the F480 — I saw at MWC that could even be considered a competitor to the iPhone. Compared to this, the X1 looks like it was designed by a committee of narcoleptics. Samsung TouchWiz & F480 [PhoneScoop] Read More

  • Hands-on with the Samsung Soul

    [photopress:IMG_1116.JPG,full,pp_image] Got a moment to play with the Samsung Soul and I’m really please with the initial screens — everything works very well through the haptic directional pad and the screen is very crisp and bright. It has a 5-megapixel camera and will be coming out on Vodafone in Europe, no word yet about a US launch. Obviously this is “just another… Read More

  • Samsung finds some Soul with latest Ultra Edition handset

    Samsung finds some Soul with latest Ultra Edition handset

    Joining Samsung’s ever popular Ultra Edition series is the Soul, which is an abbreviation of “The Spirit of Ultra.” Everyone wants to appeal to the fashion forward or style-conscious consumer these days and admittedly the phones are getting much prettier, but do you really have to say that’s who you’re targeting? Hate to tell you, but the Soul will only be… Read More

  • Verizon's Q1 handsets get outed

    Verizon's Q1 handsets get outed

    Verizon is looking to refresh the line up sometime this month or next month. Of the possible candidates we can be sure to see the white Touch from HTC and the U940 from Samsung. You remember that one, right? We told you it’d be coming. Motorola will also be offering a couple new handsets with the W755, and V750. Verizon’s rumored 2008 phone introductions [Gadgetell] Read More

  • Samsung bringing 3D plasmas to market next month

    Samsung bringing 3D plasmas to market next month

    As usual, Samsung will be the first to bring a 3D plasma HDTV to the US market next month in 42- and 50-inch versions. Most of us at CG have seen a demo of this within the last six months and it’s safe to say how darn cool it is. If and when you decide to purchase one you get the appropriate software and 3D glasses. Don’t fret because you can still watch your 2D moving pictures… Read More

  • Helio drops price of unlimited plan, again

    Helio drops price of unlimited plan, again

    Helio has once again dropped the price of their unlimited plan down to $99 from $145. You know the drill. Now drop on by your nearest store and take advantage while you can. The Ocean and Mysto are great choices in case you needed some advice on a handset. Helio Read More

  • Who would buy Motorola's handset division?

    Who would buy Motorola's handset division?

    Woe is Motorola. Last Thursday it announced that it might (or might not) try to sell off its mobile handset division and then had to check how many bars it had because it seemed like nobody heard a thing. According to BusinessWeek, “Of the top five cell-phone makers, all but Motorola posted growth in revenue and sales last year.” Motorola is currently third worldwide, behind Nokia… Read More

  • Samsung G810 gets leaked

    Samsung G810 gets leaked

    I got a brief hands-on with Samsung’s G800 last year and now they’re looking to refresh the popular handset. Expected to be announced at MWC is the G810 that features a Symbian 9.2 OS and S60 3.1 UI. It features a 5-megapixel AF camera with 3x optical zoom, anti-shake, and face recognition. Damn, that’s nice. Also included is GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooh 2.0 and 150MB of internal… Read More

  • Samsung, Moto pull ahead of HTC in Windows Mobile market share

    Samsung, Moto pull ahead of HTC in Windows Mobile market share

    This is the most confusing and segmented survey of the Windows Mobile market share I’ve ever read. Try and stay with me. In 2007, HTC was at the top of the heap with a market share of over 50 percent in the non-touchscreen, smartphone segment. Motorola is now numero uno with Samsung coming in second leaving HTC with less then 30 percent. Things aren’t all glum for HTC, though, as… Read More

  • Rumor dissolved: Samsung i900 will not be running WinMo

    Rumor dissolved: Samsung i900 will not be running WinMo

    In case you don’t remember what Croix looks like. If our informant is to be believed and I’m most certain that he/she/it knows what he/she/it is talking about so you, reader, better believe what he/she/it told us. The i900 will NOT be running Windows Mobile, rather, it will have Samsung’s Croix UI (like the F700, Armani, F490), which makes me feel much better about things. Read More

  • Samsung's flagship WinMo device, i900

    Samsung's flagship WinMo device, i900

    I’m waiting to hear back on whether this is true or not, but let’s say it is for now. Going along with that the features for the i900 are as follows: WinMo 6.1, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0+EDR, 3.5-inch touchscreen, GPS, FM radio, TV-out, 5-megapixel camera, GSM/UMTS/HSDPA and microSDHC support. The photo is said to be a mock up and the release date for this particular device is rumored to… Read More

  • T-Mobile preps another 3G phone, the Samsung SGH-T819; 3G network still only in our dreams

    [photopress:t819.jpg,full,left]When the first 3G-enabled phones from T-Mobile first started hitting the streets, we were sure it was proof that T-Mo was about to (finally) light up its 3G network. So far we’ve been proven wrong, which we hate, it makes us angry. You wouldn’t like us when we’re angry. Apparently, T-Mobile keeps releasing 3G phones so that its customers will… Read More

  • Samsung's GX-20 announced today as flagship DSLR

    [photopress:GX20__4__3_.jpg,full,center]At CES, I was very impressed by Samsung’s GX-10 DSLR. Samsung has partnered with Pentax for the first line of DSLRs, basically re-branding the Pentaxes with a little cosmetic differences. The GX-20, announced today, is a basically a rebranding of the Pentax K20D, a good camera in its own right. At 14-plus-Megapixels, the camera is Samsung’s… Read More

  • Samsung drops the i8, we like how it looks

    Samsung drops the i8, we like how it looks

    It’s not like there’s been any shortage of camera news around here, we know this. But we have more, more, more, this time from the likes of the lovely people at Samsung, who’ve today announced a camera called the i8. The cute little point ‘n shoot comes in a variety of colors and has 8.2 Megapixels for your shooting pleasure, and a 3x optical zoom for the pointing part. Read More

  • WinMo 6 upgrade for BlackJack out today

    WinMo 6 upgrade for BlackJack out today

    Time to upgrade that dinosaur of an OS on your Samsung BlackJack to a less than tolerable version 6. That’s right, today at 5PM EST you’ll be able download the official upgrade, but don’t go there now because it still has version 5. Wait until 5PM EST, k? Don’t do it until 5 Read More