Further Leaks Show Off Potential Interface, Specs For HP's webOS Tablet

<img src="" />Last week, we saw what appeared to be a legit leak of <a href="

HP webOS Tablet Leaks, Looks Like An HP-ifed iPad

<img src="">Sorry, HP. The ruthless Internet just ruined your <a href="

2011's Top 10 Most Anticipated Gear

<img src="">Who's ready for 2010 to expire? Man, we are. It's not that 2010 was a bad year or anything, but it was all iPad-this, iPhone-tha

Is This The PalmPad HP Will Announce At CES 2011? Nope.

<img src="">Hello, PalmPad! Well, maybe. Clayton Morris over at FoxNews just posted images of what is labeled as the <a href="ht

HP's Rahul Sood Optimistic That Upcoming WebOS Devices Will Sell Based On Hardware, Not Apps Alone

<img src="">HP's working on new webOS hardware. That's a fact, but that's about all we know so far besides the <a href="http://www.c

A Massive War Is Approaching As The Tablet Market Cannot Sustain Six Separate Platforms

Can you hear that? It’s the sound of war. Better choose your side soon, too. The tablet wars are going to get nasty. Apple’s army is prepped, already backed by over 3 million zealous iPad

Is An HP Tablet Launching Soon? The HP Website Thinks So

<img src="">HP has at least a couple of tablets in development; that's a fact. There is the <a href="

HP Confirmed The Palmpad's Rumored 2011 Launch

Nothing really new besides the little tidbit of info that confirms that the HP Slate is coming soon and the Palmpad will launch in early 2011. Todd Bradley confirmed the dates — and the rumor he

HP's WebOS Tablet Coming Out In Early 2011?

A rumor just surfaced over at Engadget that basically states HP’s targeting a 2011 Q1 release date for the webOS tablet. You know, the one likely named Palmpad. Apparently the Personal Systems G

Did The iPad Preemptively Kill The US Tablet Market Like The Kindle & Nook Killed Other Ebook Readers?

<img src="">Want an ebook reader in the states? You have two choices: the <a HREF="">Kindle</a> or

HP, Read Our Comments, Consumers Want The Windows 7 Slate, Too

<img src="">HP revealed most of <a href="">its tablet st

The HP Slate 500: Eight models of Windows 7 tablet goodness

<img src="">Great news, Internet. The Windows 7 HP Slate isn't dead. According to HP's site, the Slate is very much alive -- all 8 varia

Will HP put the Palmpad and Windows 7 Slate head to head?

Palmpad, eh? That sounds nice and could signal a sort-of departure from the normal slate business model. HP might be prepping more than one tablet product line. Perhaps the Windows 7 Slate project isn

HP files for “Palmpad” trademark

<img src="" />A short time ago, HP applied to the USPTO for a trademark. "<a href="