Is This The PalmPad HP Will Announce At CES 2011? Nope.

Hello, PalmPad! Well, maybe. Clayton Morris over at FoxNews just posted images of what is labeled as the PalmPad that’s set to debut at CES 2011. But I’m not so sure. I mean, sure, Clayton could have seen the PalmPad but these exclusive photos are not it. That’s the HP Slate.

Look at the drawings and then look at the HP Slate. The buttons are the same, the contours of the case are the same, and the HP logo is in the same spot. Even the dock is the same. The only indication on the photo about the PalmPad is the little note at the bottom saying this is the PalmPad. Sure, it’s a possibility that HP is using the same exact casing for its two totally seperate tablet product lines, but that’s about as possible as an asteroid crashing into Las Vegas a week prior to CES.

Clayton goes on to explain that HP will announce three separate PalmPad at the show with all the models running webOS 2.5.1. and at least one model will ship with a Sprint 4G modem. The whole lot will have a mini HDMI port, front- and rear-facing camera, and USB 3.0 ports. Supposable there’s even a fourth incarnation in the works. This one is meant specifically for the education market, but is said not to bow at CES 2011.

So there you are. The first major leak/rumor concerning the PalmPad. The report’s a bit dubous to us, but please, jump over and come to your own conclusion.

Note: Clayton, you might want to fact check this statement. There’s a Add to Cart button right on the Slate’s product page and a quick Google search will prove that they’re in paying customer’s hands right now.

All three will run a new iteration of the WebOS operating system, version 2.5.1; they’re collectively a spin-off of the never-released HP Slate.