• Tracking Santa Has Never Been So Technologically Friendly

    Tracking Santa Has Never Been So Technologically Friendly

    Tradition is a beautiful thing. As the world speeds up, goes digital, and eventually airborne, certain traditions keep us grounded throughout the years. One such tradition is tracking Santa across the globe with the NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) Santa Tracker. This year, the Santa Tracker is much improved (thanks mostly to Microsoft) but without losing the traditional… Read More

  • NORAD + Google Maps = Santa Tracker

    NORAD + Google Maps = Santa Tracker

    Tonight, Xmas Eve, we will have a full moon, Mars will be at its brightest in years, and clear skies over most of the nation. But if you need more help finding Santa tonight, NORAD has teamed up with Google Maps to give you a real-time, Flash-based Santa tracking application. If I get elf crap in my stocking again this year, I’m going pagan. NORAD Santa Tracker [] Read More